Starting over 4th or 5th try

Day 2 of my 4th or 5th time trying to stop drinking. I am definitely at my worst. Sunday I drank enough to black out and fell face first into a fire. Only a few minor burns thanks to my wife and friend who were standing nearby. I need help.


Welcome back! I am not sure how many relapses I’ve had. I’m on day one of hopefully my last final attempt at a life of sobriety. Glad you are back and not hurt worse.


Glad to see you both back. Forget about what day your on and just worry about staying sober today. Take it one day at a time.


Welcome to the forum. What are you going to different this time and what is your plan to stay sober?

Changing my entire routine, coming here daily, going to AA meetings and getting to the root of why I was drinking has helped me avoid a relapse. I live by the saying…“My recovery must come first so that everything I love in life doesn’t have to come last.”


Ouch! Glad your wife and friend were there.


Not sure what I’m going to do different. I know there are social situations I just can’t be around right now. I think spending more time with the kids will keep me ontrack. I used to run alot, could start doing that more.


Running and spending time with family is a great way to fill your time. Finding new hobbies or taking up old ones can be a good change too.

I had to put social situations on hold for the first couple months and there’s nothing wrong with that. Over time, I slowly eased back into it as I got stronger in my sobriety.

Wishing you the best on your journey.


maybe try a meeting might help wish you well


I am exactly right there,too…day1 again…not sure how many times I was at day 1!!:cry:It is frustrating,discouraging,shameful and painful! How are you feeling by the way…??Bad withdrawals??:scream:Stay strong!:innocent:


Oh wow, I’m glad you’re not too badly injured! Good luck on the new start. It’s good to keep trying even when you fail! I’ve tried to get sober so many times and I will be reaching day 1000 this month finally! Keep going, you’ve got this!


Not sure this will keep you sober.
Could be a good time to have a plan for when the cravings come, walks, baths,meetings, come on here, cry, sleep. Anything but drink.


I am at day one again too. Don’t beat yourself up over starting over, try to spin it around like “I’m fortunate that I can start over and get this chance to be who I want to be”. Talk to yourself kindly, talk to yourself like you would a loved one who’s having a hard time. Even though you’re starting over at day one that doesn’t mean you’re at the beginning again, you have tools you didn’t have before, you have experience at starting over, you have the knowledge of what to expect and what you expect of yourself. Just put your nose to the grindstone and keep going, you got this! :purple_heart:


Family time is good. Physical exercise is good. Avoiding drinking situations is good.

But, to get and stay sober, people like me needed a program that was about growing sobriety. AA or Celebrate Recovery or Dharma Recovery, SMART Recovery, Life ring, any of those. I went to inpatient and outpatient rehab. Got a script for Antabuse.

If your life depends on being sober, then act like it. Sobriety is not a sometimes, personal improvement thing. If running and hanging out with our kids were enough, we would not need Talking Sober.

Maybe I’m cranky tonight and my message is not delivered softly enough, but I hope you hear this. No matter what consequences brought any of us here, the ones who stick and are happy are the ones who have the psychic change sufficient to overcome the obsession with alcohol. And zero of them got there by hoping things would be different and by trying to be nicer.

Alcoholism is progressive and fatal and treatable. Untreated, it will kill us or make us wish we were dead.


Sometimes we “need” this kind of wake up calls. I had mine as well. 10 years ago I felled flat faced on a table filled with burning candles. I could’t get up. My friend had to help me, all I could mumble was “sorry”. I had no injuries, at least not in my body. Only my soul was hurt.
I quit the day after and was sober for 5 years. Then thought I was “cured”.
Drank in moderation for a month ore so and then the amounts of alcohol rappidly increasing.
My second wake up call was when my daughter mentioned: mom, I liked you more sober…
2 weeks after that when I drank loads I remembered that sentence. The next day was my last day one.
I’m almost 3 years sober now.
It helped me to use that overwhelming feeling of that wake up calls to change into energy to fix my life.
I hope you will too!! :facepunch:


Convincing myself I can drink in moderation has been my downfall every time. I realize now I will never be someone that will drink in a healthy way.


Day 8 went for a run with the dog. Feels good to the heart rate up.


I’m at my fourth or fifth try too, feels good to know I’m not alone. I’m at day one of my detox. The first few days for me are the hardest (mainly because I’m so tired, sick and my body is in so much pain.)but if you and i had the willingness to come to this app and post about it that says a LOT.


Have you thought about rehab or some other type of professional help?

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I was definitely feeling run down last week. Doing much better this week. I loved waking up Saturday and Sunday without a hangover.


Running ore walking ore any kind of sport you can do on your own is really helpful in recovery! It will help will in time when you have cravings and will help you detox and getting a better healthy lifestyle.
Congrstulations with day 8 :tada: