Starting over and discouraged

I made it to 2 weeks, and relapsed Wednesday. It made me feel like crap. I can’t seem to identify my triggers but I know that I am tired of drinking. Wasted time and money . Today is St Patrick’s Day and I used to get wasted on this horrible day so I am really going to try to stay sober. One day at a time :smiling_face:


Similar to me but mine was due to stress. Just need to find another way of dealing with my stress instead of turning to the drink. Don’t be hard on yourself. Reset and try again .

St Patrick’s day where to begin. That used to be a day for me to drink and I’m not even Irish :joy: Silly when I think about it.

Go into tomorrow waking up knowing you didn’t drink and wake up hungover free

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I am going to the movies with my kids to avoid adults and bars tonight. It sucks to have to rearrange your life, but it will be worth it!!! Wear green. Eat mint chip ice cream and wake up tomorrow without a hang over!

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Thanks everyone… I’m going to take a nice warm bath and head to bed early. SOBER!!! It will make a nice start to the weekend - not being hungover.