Starting over and over again


Sorry! I am better now and in a better mood


That great, I guessed something wasn’t quite right.
I put all these mood swings down to part of the process, and rode the waves as best I could.
And yes it is a beautiful morning.

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Really glad your sticking around :blush::+1:

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Good morning ! So glad your here. How u feeling todayx

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Thanx guys for caring. This app is really cool. I feel so much closer to all of you although I don’t even know you in person. I’m doing good. At work now. Fine. But had to reset and I’m on day 1 again. I actually don’t really know if I’m ready for all of this and that’s why I wanted to leave…


None of us are ever sure if we are ready because it’s scary…but finally you come to realise that the alternative is much scarier. I’ve been on and off here since last year but the more I stay on and read people’s stories and see people’s progress the more it has sunk in for me. Both what CAN be achieved and also the harsh reality of what CAN happen if we continue to bury our heads in the sand. I’m more determined this time than ever. Primarily down to this forum and a lot of honesty and soul searching within myself and with concern for my daughter. I hope you stay at it. I started this time round 3 weeks ago and did have one relapse but got back on it. Normally with a relapse I would just give up again but I came on here and took advise and it really made a difference. Stay here work on your self worth and message any time you feel tempted. We all care. Have a hug from Northern Ireland and shoulders back and on with your day xx

P.S…when are any of us ever ready x :heart:


Hey you are right. And coming here has helped me a lot I know this. With my right mind in place I Know exactly what’s good for me. And I know how happy I am when I’m sober. How good I sleep. How much energy I have. How beautiful life is. But then comes the night and I feel so lonely with all my feelings. And instead of coming here and talk to you guys I grab a glass…

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Well tonight when you are about to do that. STOP. come on here. Do what was advised to me …play the tape forward…you know how it will end and it’s not good.the next day you will be depressed lethargic and feeling shame. I don’t want that for you. Ride the wave when the craving hits. It WILL pass. Good luck. Maybe hear from you tonight when you would normally lift a glass ? :blush::+1:


Hoping you stay strong tonight!!! I know you can do it!! I had to avoid the beer isle in the supermarket tonight lol I actually had to actively think to not go down it crazy eh


Hey you sent that reply to me instead of sunshine girl :slightly_smiling_face: but she will see it anyway. I think you’re only new ! You’ll soon get use to it :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


You can also do it. One day at a time, sheer will and determination and lots of love and support on here and anywhere else you choose :slightly_smiling_face:


OK. Thanks so much. It really means a lot to me. Thank you. I will come here tonight

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Sorry yeah still getting used to this :sweat_smile:. What’s happening in the UK today? It’s a dark cold autumn night with snow on the hills in New Zealand

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@Sunshinegirl Sounds like I am in pretty much the same place. Day 1 (again) for me too. Hugs x

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Hey so let’s start again together. My urges are very bad at night. So I will come back here again later. What about you

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Hi I’m in Northern Ireland and it’s actually s beautiful sunny day today for a change !! It’s just after 10am and I’m trying to motivate myself to cut the grass :roll_eyes:


I’m in the US, so it’s just after 5am here. Good morning! :raising_hand_woman:‍♀ My mindset is off right now. I come on here about 3 times a day, to see how everyone’s doing. Been hitting the reset every day for the last 6 days. I need to make myself a real action plan, and force myself into different / healthy routines. It’s too easy to slip back. I drink at home.

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Thanx for caring Natalie


Well that grass isn’t going to cut itself and the smell and satisfaction you get after is tough to beat so if not already get out there. Yikes that’s as tough as place as anywhere in the world to stay sober I bet. It’s pretty embedded into the northern Ireland culture isn’t it?

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You can totally get through tonight you have got this!

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