Starting Sober School Semester!

I have been in and out of a community college for five years without getting a degree. My addiction was one of the biggest things sabotaging my school life. Ive wasted so much time and money starting semesters, only to fall behind and drop out over and over because I was missing too much class (partially due to inconsistent transportation, but mostly due to drinking binges). I’ve been sober 7 months now, and I’m so excited to know that I’m going into this semester without the hanging dread that drunk me is going to screw it up. I still have a long way to go, and I know it will be really really hard, even sober, but at least I know I won’t be making it 10x harder by drinking.


Congratulations on getting back into school! It took me a lot of years to finish my degree but I finally did it. I had someone tell me once that my degree is one thing that no one can ever take away from me. I kept that in my head as I went through my journey. Best of luck to you!