Staying positive

Today marks 24 days! Hey it’s a start right? So here is my story! I have been battling a drug addiction for 11 years and the month of August and half of September I went extremely hard I didn’t give a shit about any thing sad part is I didn’t care about my son for the month and a half I was going hard on my drug of choice but there was one day I woke up and was like I need to get my life on track and be a better person and mother to my son! I watched a video on facebook about a dad telling his 8 year old son how his mom past away from a drug over dose and it ate at me so bad I stopped doing my drug of choice that day I could not see any one telling my 3year old Lil baby that his mommy past away from a drug over dose any ways there was one time me and my now ex husband got into a argument and he said some extremely hurtful things to me well we went to the store and he asked me if I wanted to go in and I told him no and to fu** off so he went into the store and while he was in there I got a razor blade out and started cutting my wrist I cut myself so bad I couldn’t get the bleeding to stop for awhile well I seen my husband at the time walking to the car so I threw the blade into the console and he got in the car seen blood and asked what it was from and I told him I don’t know trying to play it off and he turned my arm over and pulled up my sweater and he was so mad he didn’t talk to me for 3 days but needless to say I am on the right track now and I left my then husband

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