Staying sober on halloween

How is everyone handling Halloween this year ? Is it best to just stay in to avoid temptations


Staying in.

was gonna stay in but it’s one of my favourite holidays so trying to arrange something at our recovery centre in the daytime or between some of us from there so that we have a sober friendly option and can still have some fun!

definitely plenty of fun to be had in the food, dressing up, games and films with some energy and creativity :slight_smile:


I’ll be working !


I didn’t invite my sister’s family as usual… I’m just not ready. lots of kid stuff planned. Although I don’t currently have a vehicle, so maybe my house will get clean:)


Staying in for a change. SO and I will be handing out candy to the wee ones.


We have my daughter and stepson. My daughter is going as Eleven from Stranger Things, the wife and I are going as Shrek and Fiona, my stepson will probably go as a high school freshman rolling his eyes at his dorky family.

They are far more important than drinking.

Find your “more important”



Stranger Things on NetFlix! New season Friday. You could binge it.


yes! Thanks for the heads up!

Im going to be walking my Doggo around in his hotdog Halloween costume :smiley: other than that, im debating on going out or not…


Much love for the description of your stepson. I think my daughter might be wearing the same costume…

Recovery cleaning. I love it


Me and the family are going to a Halloween gathering at our friends house tomorrow. I will be Bouser, the wife Princess Peach, and my two sons Mario and Luigi. There will be adult beverages as always, ALL my friends are a bunch of delinquents, but I’ve been around booze continuously since stopping nearly 100 days ago, so this weekend shall be no different. Plus I’m basically the permenant DD now.


It’s a US import here in the U.K… Halloween wasn’t really a “trick or treat” dress up and prowl the streets thing until about 15 or so years ago.

It now competes with Guy Fawkes night - or bonfire night. 5th November. Celebrating the spoiling of a plot to blow up parliament by Catholics.

Build a bonfire, burn an effigy of Guy Fawkes, set off fireworks.

And if you think that sounds wierd, it was an effigy of the pope originally. Only substituted Guy Fawkes when religious intolerance calmed down a bit.

You Americans! Take your Halloween back! And your high school proms!

But thanks for the Sopranos. And Breaking Bad.

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Im going as a recovering alcoholic, my wife as somebody who has the off switch when it comes to drinking, my daughter as Aeriel, and my son as Elmo.
Then I’m goimg to “test” some of their candy.


I’m going to be DD at a party, bringing non alcoholics and going to smoke a little weed. I should be able to power through.