Staying sober when going out

Summer is coming and im worried about being social when everyone i know, drinks alot. I want to go camping but all my favorite camping and swimming spots are frequented by drinkers. Fun sober things to do so my spouse wont feel like shes missing out on life because i dont want to be around temptation?

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Keep taking it day by day. As the days go by the temptation will slowly recede, not saying not to be cautious! Everyday you will gain more power over your addicted brain. In fact, I’m at a point where I enjoy being sober more than drunk! Don’t worry about the summer, live today! Just keep telling yourself, “I’m not drinking today”.


I have to agree with @Shattered_dreams. With more and more time I’m forgetting things I liked about drinking and replacing them with things I like about sobriety. I’ll never forget the nasty hangovers, that feeling of death and my skin crawling.

Sobriety is so much better, it’s hard to see that in the beginning. I feel like a way better version of myself and I only have about 5 months. Can’t wait to see what I feel like in a year! Don’t give up. Events can be fun without alcohol, but it’s going to take practice!


When I got sober, I had to make changes. None of my old haunts, I quit going to my roommate’s parties, I figured put triggers and avoided those.

I found out that very often, my drinking buddies were more about drinking and less about “buddies.” They weeded themselves out.

I encourage you to “be still” for a while. Your social life doesn’t have to stop, but maybe it needs to pause until you get your feet under you.

Most of all, have a plan. From the time you wake up to going to bed, have all plan to avoid those trigger behaviors. If it’s a restaurant/bar that tempts you, don’t go. If it’s a.liquor store you drive by otw home, change your route.

No one wants to do what we’ve done to ourselves, but sometimes we don’t want to make the hard changes either. It sounds like you are ready to change.



Look at today…what can you do to find enjoyment? Meet a friend for coffee or early breakfast, join a group (book club, hiking, people with similar interests) and stay at home and get to know yourself and become comfortable with your own company. What hobbies did you used to enjoy? You may feel bored at first, but boredom doesn’t kill. Give sobriety time to get ingrained in your habits and thoughts.