Staying strong from love and support

Today is 48 days sober and I have had a few tested days this past week and a bit. I have stayed strong and haven’t drank. In this moment I know I can continue this journey of sobriety. Not having my gf live with me has been one of the tested situations. It’s hard not seeing her daily. Like before. I know that when we do see each other it will be that much more special.
I have also been thinking of my mom who past one year ago. That situation was the time where I let alcohol take over myself and not care of anything around me. Miss her immensely, even though our relationship wasn’t the greatest. But like it’s said she is still your mother. Next month is her birthday and it will be the second one she didn’t get to celebrate. Forever 57


Keep doing the right next thing you are doing great mate.xx


Sending out some hugs from this Mom. I know it isn’t the same, but we all need a Mom hug sometimes. She would be so proud of you, making such positive changes. :heart:


Sassy that is so sweet so you


Thank you so much @Sassyrocks I really appreciate the love. This forum has been amazing