Staying strong the fight against meth

11 days clean. Its the first time in my life I have had to kick something and this is my reaching out and letting the world know about it. Its very hard for me to admit anything and to even talk about it.


Admitting our addiction out loud is a big step. I remember the first time I said alcoholic. I was humiliated. 11 days is a huge deal! Way to go. You’ll never be judged here so I hope that makes it easier for you to talk and share. It helps a lot


Thank you. This is made even harder as I am homeless

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Reaching out and taking accountability is a huge deal, well done.


Oh gosh. I can’t imagine staying strong under those circumstances. Are there any churches or organizations that help where you are?

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I wish. Only thing I can do is na. And hope for the best.

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Thank you.

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And you are so brave for doing so. I know that probably sounds silly to you - just know that I am completely serious. It takes courage to admit that you have a serious problem with meth, and it takes courage to seek out sobriety, to cut ties with that drug forever.

I kicked meth too. 453 days clean. Is there anything I can help you with? Do let me know. I am here for ya, sincerely.


I havent done meth since April 2019.

Ive cut all ties with users and dealers. Im rude, and cold and stare at them like I’m going to murder them if they come near me.

I might do it!:rofl:

Seriously though, ive developed a hatred towards that drug that helps me not want to use it ever again.

There is life after meth!

Keep using this forum. Start your day in recovery. Come here. Go to meetings. Have a support group.

Being homeless is challenging. Go to meetings. Reach out. Keep doing the next right thing and the universe will open up opportunities.

It did for me.


Stay strong… Im going through my own battle and i can say some days are better than others but it does get better. Just stay focused.


Very kind of you. Im in Tucson. So unless your in the area, your words of kindness are all I need.

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I live in Phx, but right now I am staying in Ajo. Are you familiar?

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Not really im kinda new to Arizona. Plus broke as a joke till I donate tomorrow

I have been trying. Been robbed so many times I have serious trust issues. Hard to even leave my truck at times

Oh jeez Ajo is a long ways from me…

You are such a kind person an empath like me. Makes life real hard at times.

Oh yeah. It is far. And in the middle of nowhere. But I love it. It is very peaceful, far away from Phoenix. I had a lot of traumatic experiences in that city. Everywhere I go is a reminder of those things. Not so in Ajo.

Where did you move from?

I try to be kind. I dont always succeed though! It is so easy to get hurt when you are an empath, but I choose to see it as a strength, one that not many people have. You can use it to help others, to understand them. As you know :nerd_face:

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I’m originally from Santa Barbara ca. Was in Utah for awhile when my fiance cheated on me and it was what got me using. I had been through aa for so many years that I was not going back to drinking so I turned to the next easiest thing to get. I drove all over the western states until I was broke and broken and stuck here in tucson.

Tucson. Trying to figure out what to do with myself…

Would be happy to leave this town if I had the means to… my family wants to help by sending me stuff. Not money of course but I dont even have an address for them to send stuff to…