Step 12 advice

So I am meeting with my sponsor today to read and go over step 12. It took me over a year and a half to get to step 12, now she says it’s my time to be a sponsor to someone else. I am terrified, on the outside I just said ok, on the inside fear and resistance is running the show.

Negative self talk is the next bad habit I must break…

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When the teacher is ready the student will appear. I know that’s not how the saying goes but it’s true in this case. It can be nerve wracking but if someone asks you that means they think you are ready. Just take em through the steps like your sponsor did.


I’m new to sponsoring as well. I don’t have a sponsee yet but I’m open to the idea and I’m looking forward to it. All a sponsor really does is guide someone along the 12 steps. Your sponsee does all the real work. You provide support within reason. If cravings strike, they can call you. I’m a master manipulator, my sponsor calls me out on my shit, without hesitation. She will be there for me but she will NOT enable me. It’s important to remember that they’re sobriety doesn’t reflect on whether you’re a good sponsor or not.

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Been sponsoring for over 30 years now youl be ok just think of the gift youve been giving to pass on the program to another person that how we stay sober and grow in this program , be positive in your self belief you are as Derek says your a teacher now dont be fearfull youl be ok with the power behind you , just make sure they dont read any of these celebrity books only the big one lol wish you well