Stomach cramps after stopping?

Did anyone else experience a lot of stomach cramps after giving up alcohol? I’m only a couple days in and I realize it could be caused by numerous things, I was just curious.


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Completely. Also dry heaving and insomnia, and of course the shakes. Eat soft food, drink lots of water! Wish there was an easier way, but you’ll just have to ride it out. You can do this! :sunglasses:

Physical reactions are normal. I had sweating, nausea, and other withdrawal symptoms. But it helps me stay sober because I’m never going through that again. Stay strong and be kind to yourself

@franksmom0 @DryIn785 thank you so much! I felt like I was going crazy

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drink lots and lots of water! and then drink more! :heart:

How did you handle the insomnia? I’ve had clinical insomnia since I was 14 and frankly I feel that may be part of why I drank as much as I did, because it helped me fall asleep. I also have ADHD so I am on Vyvanse and I know that doesn’t help either. Do you have any tips? Or does it just take time for the body to readjust? I take melatonin and unisom but sleep is still pretty elusive

The first month in particular can be very challenging as your brain goes into freak out mode. You can reach out to your health provider for medication to help ease tou through it but it’s just another pill you’ll have to slowly stop taking. For me, I had to take gabapentin for a few weeks. I had a crazy heartburn feeling and a tight chest all day everyday and I was losing my mind! In the end, it’d just something we all have to go through.

Drink water, go for walks, give meditation a try! Seriously, meditation has been great for so many people in this journey. I also found that a weekly massage does so much for my anxiety. That really helped me out in my early days and I continue to go. With all the money we’re saving from being sober, we can afford it. :stuck_out_tongue:

It will take some time to adjust in the beginning. I use 50mg Seroquel. Just enough to help me sleep. I’ve used melatonin in the past, but the problem with that is tolerance. For me anyway. If I took it more than twice a week it stopped working, hence the change to Seroquel.
I couldn’t tell you anything about interaction with other meds.
Hang in there, the first week or two is the worst of it, but if you force yourself into a sleep schedule you well be fine! :hugs:

I took gabapentin for awhile for nerve pain but then I took it with dayquil when I had a cold and I hadn’t read about the drug interactions. I ended up high as a kite lol I’m gonna try and do more physical activity throughout the day and see if I can wear myself out so sleep will come a little easier. Thank you so much for your reply and support!

I’m new to this it’s been 3days and I’m shaking so bad I can barely stay out of bed. I never really thought about having withdrawals…

I’m on day 5 and I can say that day 3 was hard for me too. Drink a lot of water. I have found that sparkling waters have been super helpful. On day 3 I did as much to stay busy as possible. The shaking gets better, but get out of the house or find some labor intensive work to do whether it be deep cleaning or yard work. If you have an friends who need help with projects, reach out. I helped a friend clean put her attic. Anything to keep your mind and body occupied. You may also find yourself very tired. If you are someone who can nap, then take a nap and if you are like me and can fall asleep to quiet, put on your favorite sitcom or comedy. It does absolutely get better and you will be so thankful on day 4 that you don’t have a hangover. Its okay.