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My life has been a journey of attempting to be the best version of me. Unfortunately I always failed, time after time, because of my addiction. I wanted so bad to improve my life and swore I would but every day I would drink and forget about my ultimate goal. My brain was wired to drink. I couldn’t survive without it and I envied those who could… About 3 years ago I started the Keto diet, you know “to be my best self”. But this diet simply allowed me to get drunk quicker because I ate less. My focus then became eating less so I can spend less on alcohol but still get drunk. It was a mess and honestly a long story when you throw in my mental illness, smh.

But 7 months ago I gave up alcohol, I knew it was time. It was the best decision I ever made. I am finally fulfilling my goal of being my best self and constantly finding ways to improve. Today I am healthy and at peace with my journey and success so far. The road to sobriety is a hard one but totally worth it :ok_hand:

The picture tells it all…


Right on! We learn more, we do things differently and we grow. Thanks and congrats on your time!

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Thank you! It’s nice to have others that understand this. I now love being sober because it allows me to focus on figuring this out!


Good Job msan, I’ ll get there one day on my 2 month. Question do you still feel symptoms from time to time just asking. Congrats on 7 months big accomplishment some people don’t get that far.

Thank you! As far as symptoms I assume you are talking about cravings. I rarely get any cravings now.Honestly, I now rarely even have thoughts about alcohol unless I am in a extremely stressful situation and then I may have a brief craving but i can handle it now. It does take time though. I know the first 2-3 months were still tough for me but it gets better.

Best wishes on your journey! :heart:

Wonderful!! Congrats on 7 months, keep it up :+1:

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Well done! Congrats on 7 months. I’m coming up right behind you. What a difference on how we felt 5 months ago. Life just gets better.

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Yasss!! Congrats to you as well!

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Congratulations on your 7 months!!!

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7 months is awesome! Congrats. I was also hardwired to drinking. Barely ate, just drank. The less I ate the more I could drink. Was horrible. But fk yeah on 7 months. You look great and healthy!
Keep going!! :v:

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Good job! Very proud of you

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