Stress, Anxiety & Alcohol all rolled into 1

My story as short as I can make it without writing a whole book. Been a heavy drinker for probably 10+ years. Beer and Spirits in combination. Not so much a pub person but at home “professional” drinker / alcoholic. Finally took the deepest of looks at myself and started to change. Went the tapering method over the last month down from 8 beers and 4 or 5 shots of hard liquor a day to now only 4 x 4% alcohol beers a day(usually between arriving home from work prior to going to bed, 1 beer an hour / hour and half. Still feel quite “poopy” most mornings but it is manageable.

BUT, now stress and anxiety are setting in BIG time. Have found a new place to live, my dream cottage in the country, surrounded by forest and next to a lake. Paid for it over 2 months ago but paperwork and permissions to put on a new roof and cladding are taking forever. Am selling the place I own due to rowdy and unruly neighbours that have NO respect whatsoever for other people living in the area. Found a buyer and again paperwork and so on is taking forever. Never sleep normally, tired and stressed out to the max. Have not resorted to drinking more yet and want to get down to zero but all points taken into consideration are just building up. Everyday am waiting for the possibility to move and get on with trying to have a normal life and then anxiety kicks in to boot. I have also maximum stress at work as I am a production manager with 160 + / - employees under my supervision. Holidays do not exist and, if I get one, am still on call all the time in case of problems, big orders and so forth. Even have had to sort out calls whilst on a cruise. It feels like I am getting to the point of just saying I GIVE UP or am going to hit BURNOUT. My doctor prescribed Xanax but after reading all the pros and cons i decided not to take it. Should I seek a physciatrist? My doctor seems uncaring and not really attentative to listening.

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Hi my name’s Emma I feel 121 councelling would do you the world of good,it will give to time to pause and take a deeper look at yourself ,if something doesn’t change you are definitely heading for a burn out and unfortunately with that come drinking more to manage its one big vicious cycle and nothing will ever change until we change a new environment is a great opportunity for you and I get there’s loads of stress around this bit maybe instead of waiting until you move to this new life this new beginning why don’t you go to your DRS and do a tamper program thru them so your held accountable for doing it as we will talk as selves round for many many years that cutting down and giving up is our honest intentions so there abit of advice from a 20 year heroin and benzo user standing clean today 80 days if I can you can we all can if we really really want it, stick around come familiar with the community there’s so much to learn and so much support and advice given.

Thanks for the input Emma. Think I will start looking for that 1 on 1 you mentioned. Here in Czech there is no such thing I believe as AA so am looking at various videos on YT and trying to get more info. I cannot even really talk too much to my GF because I think she is pretty much as close to being in the same boat as I am and we do not see each other much during the week because of work and so on.

You can do aa online also look up smart recovery online I do wish you all the best you have good things ahead.xx​:heart::v::pray: