Struggling 11/2 days no alcohol

Had a stressful day now I have a strong urge to drink :rage::rage::rage::rage:


Hi Vince, do you have a list somewhere of the reasons you don’t want to drink anymore? Could you create one right now? Even on this thread would work. Just start writing out all those reasons good and bad you want to be sober. Don’t forget the good… Because there are a million good reasons to be sober…

On the other end, most people can’t find any good reasons for drinking…


You had a stressful day. It’s over now. Don’t bring it home and rain on your own parade.

Get out for a walk, put some tunes in the ears and think of all the things you’re grateful for.

If you run to your “comfort” every time you hit a bump in the road, you’ll never progress to where you want to be. Comfort is the enemy of progress. Get comfortable in being uncomfortable man, that’s where all the growth happens


Great advice I am going to right ten down & then list them here :muscle:t5::muscle:t5::muscle:t5:


Thanx I really appreciate advice about go swimming since it’s hot out :muscle:t5::100:


That works. Relax. It’s gonna be alright.

If you’re like me, you drink because of stress, sadness, joy, happiness, it’s Tuesday. Any old fuckin reason is a good reason to drink

Gonna be a pain in the ass learning how to cope without your go to, but that’s what sobriety takes.

I got sober over 500 days, and it wasn’t any fun. I was no fun to be around for over a month. Life’s so much greener now, I can relax easily. I don’t hardly even get wound up, because life is gonna happen and I’ve learned how to live life on life’s terms.

Keep trudging man, it gets easier, gotta work that sobriety muscle and get it strong.


You’re right, I can’t let this beat me and I want. Appreciate you :100:

  1. Don’t like the hangover
  2. I get upset
  3. Wake up with regrets
  4. Don’t think Clearly
  5. Can’t remember things
  6. Don’t care about what I should care about
  7. Sluggish
  8. Unmotivated
  9. Go into depression
    10.spend less time with my family

Posted the list

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Great!! I’ve been checking back to see it :slight_smile: thank you for doing that, I need to work on my list again too.

Being sober for me

  1. Has given me my whole world back, and more
  2. Has allowed me to rediscover my creative side
  3. Has been the single best gift I’ve ever given myself
  4. Has shown me a world I never knew existed
  5. Has taught me to love myself again
  6. Has taken away hangovers and those are the absolute worst!!

Good list… that could be mine. I’ll add
11. Not wasting money!

I thought about that, but erased it. That’s a really good one

Sometimes when I get that strong urge I lie to myself and say tomorrow I will. Then when I wake up I feel so good that I didn’t drink that it gives me motivation to keep going. Idk if that is the best way but I use it when I’m desperate. I also have been listening to drug and alcohol addiction podcasts that also helps :wink: you will be glad you didn’t. Drinking harms your mind, body and spirit, and you can’t love yourself if your harming yourself :heart:


Dont give in Vince. Not giving in will make you that much stronger.

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I have been watching AlcoholMasteryTv on YouTube it helped today.


“Has taught me to love myself again”

Any tips on making this one happen?

Great list Vince, you will be so thankful waking up tomorrow without having to worry about any of these. Keep up the great work.

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I didn’t really know how strong I had to be mentally to make it through but I am glad I have this app. U guys are the best on to day two no alcohol :muscle:t5::muscle:t5::muscle:t5::muscle:t5:


Your the best Vince for coming here and putting in the work to make changes! One moment at a time you can do this :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle: Well done on two days, keep them coming.

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Hey @kellhyatt84, that is a superb way of looking at it. When I started going to AA a couple of years ago that exactly what someone said to me. Today I’m not going to drink. Tomorrow I can do whatever I want. But today I’m sober.
One day at a time.
Welcome to the forum and your future.