Struggling a lot

Did anyone struggle with letting go of euphoria vs sober life. I know my life is in jeopardy, but I m still struggling with letting go. I don’t want to hit rock bottom and I know the benefits of recovery, but I still struggle to let go. I’m going to see if therapy is beneficial, but wonder if anyone understands the way I’m feeling.

Hey…glad you came on here while you’re struggling. That’s a great move. When you say euphoria vs sober life…what is your drug of choice? When you say euphoria do you mean the up and down of party life?

Sounds like it’s already got a grip on you if you recognize your life as being in jeopardy but have this hesitant feeling (if I’m interpreting you correctly). I get that - it’s how addictions work, they have a great toolbox of sneaky mind tricks to keep you from getting free and experiencing real sober moments of euphoria that don’t poison you. The trick is to build a more effective toolbox of your own as you are able, and most importantly, use it.

I do feel for you, I’m just concerned for you so I’m pointing hard at “please do what you can now to get it under control”, and I’m having a hard time accessing my similar feelings I’ve had in order to empathize more :confused:

And realistically, “get it under control” is going to mean complete abstinence unless you are a magical unicorn.

Edit: I scanned over the other thread you made before and see that you have received a lot of advice on recovery already and have been practicing some things in pursuit of that. I guess my question to you in response to that is: why do you think you’re feeling a lack of motivation after losing so much? Is it a fear you’ll never feel euphoric again?

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I get exactly what you are saying. In fact today I was bargaining about how maybe I will only drink on special occasions. And then when I do I will only drink a little. For me alcohol hits that dopamine system in my brain right away. I known that I would benefit emotionally and physically from quitting. So I try over and over to quit. You see the issues now so you gotta try. I think therapy is a good start. Here is to day one…again. :roll_eyes:


I would raise my hand to this. For years I didn’t want to let it go, but you know what? Sober life is 100 times better! My worst day sober is way better than my best day drunk. I’m sleeping well, even with 5 or 6 hours I’m fresh as a daisy. My IBS symptoms are gone, lost weight, full of energy and my mind is as sharp as a box of scissors. It makes me kick myself for not doing this sooner. Yes, it’s hard and it’s tough but it’s totally worth the effort. Once you figure it out and it starts clicking, it is like a switch is flipped and each day becomes better than the day before.

Give it a try for 90 days, it’s not gonna kill ya, though the alternative will, eventually…

Good luck friend!


Yes I did struggle with letting go of the euphoria of drinking. I definitely enjoyed the buzz I got.
The problem was that when I was drinking regularly it was my only joy.

Wow, I was just thinking of a euphoric moment of drunkeness when I decided to check on this app. Maybe just quiting right now and all the anxiety and whatever goes along with not drinking is taking its toll on you. Therapy is always good btw. Stay strong, live strong!

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I struggled for decades…looking back it was anything but euphoria. Getting to see that was the struggle for me