Struggling bad

Just really trying to fight a craving today, I posted about it in the checking in daily thread and I’m still just having a hard time shaking it. I don’t want to relapse but I’ve kind of already put the wheels in motion.


Call your sponsor…go to a meeting. Read the first three steps…


I know exactly how you feel! I was in your position one or two hours ago. But I did what you just did: reach out for help on here! And I found my motivation to go one, I don’t want my fellow troopers to be disappointed!


how have you put the wheels in motion?

If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for us!:muscle::muscle::muscle:

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I’ve done exactly what you have done where you make the txt, and then like I said the cravings seem to get worse from that. If you’re anything like me, I wanted to back out but shoot I’ve already made the txt now I have to go through with it. I’m gonna feel bad now if I tell them NVM, they are gonna be mad. Nah tell whoever you texted nvm and stay clean and safe. Don’t follow through with it. Bc you’re going to hate it tomorrow, you are going to feel depressed and mad and sad, it’s not worth it. Pull through and stay strong and tomorrow will be a better day. Each day you stay stronger is going to be a better day. Don’t give up


I’m going to try and be polite as possible bc we have all got our own approach to recovery and if it works it works but don’t give a shit about us my friend, if we all left tommorow are you going to pick up. You are the most important person in your recovery and once you learn to live with yourself the whole world benefits and you don’t have to apologise to no one. Next time you get a craving be selfish and love yourself.


Sent a text and been going back and forth with making a plan to get some pills.

I know you’re right. Now someone else texted and will get me some so now it’s free🤦🤦🤦I know it’s still wrong but the stupid addict voice is super loud ( not a literal voice in my head).

No sponsor, I’ve never done treatment or meetings. I just don’t want my family and friends to know.

It’s easier said then done. I know but tell them no. Just do it, for you. You will feel so proud of yourself. And then go a treat yourself to something nice that actually matters. Even it’s free don’t do it, bc then it’s still going to just leave you wanting more. You’re going to be so proud of yourself once you tell them no, go for a nice walk and enjoy life sober. I’m rooting for you, I hope you can make it through this


send another text right now and tell them you have changed your mind and if you ever text again ignore me. then get back on here and chat with us. Do it.


Text to cancel. On the upside, if you piss off your dealer enough, they will probably ghost you. I’ve gotten on mine’s nerves so much that if I did try to text him, he’d tell me to fuck off. Or ignore me.

But seriously. Cancel. Then turn off your phone before punching a pillow. If sobriety was easy, there wouldn’t be any addicts around. With all my positivity and preaching and ‘yay! It’s so awesome to be sober’, I walk past bars and literally drool while staring at other people’s wine. At first, my boyfriend thought I was checking out other guys… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


even if they are free it’s not fucking black Friday, it’s not a bargain it’s easier now to throw them down the loo. You’ll hate it now but trust us all, we want whats best for you, we are the family you can tell and we understand, stay with us.


Your addiction isn’t special.
It isn’t unique, nor did you invent it.
This is not a dark secret that you have carry alone.
I tell you this to remind you that people WILL understand. Public awareness of pill addiction is very high and your struggle is very common.
You must not keep it a secret.
If you try to tackle this alone, you are very likely to struggle, suffer unnecessarily and ultimately fail.

Please don’t use again today.
This isn’t your fault and using isn’t the solution.
Just stay here with us. Keep talking to us, please please please. You don’t have to do everything alone. The voices ARE loud but you don’t have to answer them.

What are you doing right now?
Where are you? Is there a friend you can call who doesn’t use, that can distract you?


I would just like to say I’ve been watching your journey and you are definitely wearing your sobriety well, it suits you more each day, I like your attitude and your advice. Well done sir.


More than likely, they already know




Thank you man, that means alot.

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If you’ve been struggling with this for more than a couple months, they already sense something isn’t right.

If you get help for this now and put everything you can into getting better, your family and friends won’t care in the future. They’ll be happy that they still get to love a healthy and serene you.

Also, there are a ton of anonymous treatment programs. So many have us have gotten better without friends/family really knowing the details.