Struggling in Q-tine

Hey all, I’ve been struggling hard lately. I forgot outta rehab feb 12th 4months clean now. I was doing great for the first few months and now it’s all falling to shit, I need to find a routine but I’m having a hard time doing that especially cause I keep telling myself there’s nothing to do. Anyone have suggestions or can shed some light on stuff you do to help? Thank you to all, stay safe and healthy during this craziness :heart:


might sound too simple but just reading and posting on here keeps me busy between Netflix and dog walking, I’ve watched everything on Netflix and the dog now has to be dragged out the house, yeah so spend some time giving advice and encouragement on here and you’ll be helping yourself at the same time.


Congrats on you’re days man. Exercise, exercise, and I can’t express this enough exercise :joy::joy:. If I’m not lifting, I’m biking, if im not biking I’m jogging on the treadmill. Just keep switching it up, I do this on top of work, and then the days I have my two daughters I stay pretty busy. But for me thats all, I’m gonna start hiking soon, and I have a kayak so gonna start that as well, thinking about doing some ultra light backpacking and camping out. This is all stuff I never ever did, my day consisted of coming home with a 18 rack, sitting in my chair and drinking untill 930 10 o’clock at night and waking up for 6 in the morning every day. And what @Dolse71 said I do that alot too lol


Hi! Im new here but i completely understand that during this time it can and will b EXTRA hard to stay sober trust me, ive broken thru the cracks the min i was laidoff from work and still am as we speak, but then i downloaded this app and i could really see myself loving it! It has sooo many things i have been looking for such as online meetings… But im 4 days sober and I normally don’t even get past day 2… This app helped with that, simply because i can see how many hours and mins i have been sober throughout the day, and that the breakdown of the goals I can met monthly is very rewarding! So its definitely keeping me positive! Stay strong! Reach out to ppl on here! They all seem very VERY supportive!


I havent been bored once this quarantine probably because I have a 2 year old. If I didnt have a 2 year old I would be busting out my paint set and watching Bob Ross all day. (I am so far from an artist but I could learn) Working out is great I have a 2 mile loop I found yesterday. Yoga classes on YouTube. We bought a metal detector! To find gold in the desert. We havent found anything but a staple. Biking places is fun. My friend buys and sells things on marketplace. She fixed up a dollhouse it was so cool. Gardening. Put the seeds in a little egg carton. We find lots of bugs. Thats probably only fun for a 2 year old. Good luck! Stay sober! Oh and baking!! The recipes are endless.

Welcome and great start to your new sober life.