Struggling quitting pot

Im almost on my 4th day sober from pot and 6th day from alchohol. I was using marijaina as a way to kind of isolate, numb my emptions ( i have ptsd) and help me sleep.
I work in mental health and do shift work, and since quitting my anxiety is unberable but my docyor wont prescrive me anxiwty meds. I cant sleep and cant eat .
Worried this will impacy my job and ill have to relapse to continue being more functional.

Ive been using sleep aids and sleep tea to try and get sleep but nothing is helping


Welcome @Kas74! I hope you find this forum as useful as I have for recovery. Tons of great information and people from all over the world.

I suggest having another conversation with your doctor. I’m sure there’s something out there besides benzos that can be prescribed. If It falls on deaf ears, maybe consider finding a new doctor. .

Relapsing to be more functional should never be an option. Being you work in the mental health field, take advantage of your resources


Sleeping and sleep issues are a big topic in early and later recovery. Use the :mag:up top to search for older threads w suggestions.

Here are a few just from my experience:
Give it time! More time! Your body is not used to the onslaught of life and your PTSD w/o pot and alcohol so this will be a topic for a while for you. It’ll work itself out over time, don’t despair.
Things I use to aid my sleep: camomille tea, valerian products (w/o alcohol, I use pastules), tryptophane, black out mask, earplugs, meditation on insight timer.

Good luck. Don’t give up and don’t let this be an excuse for a relapse.


Took me about 40 nights before I got any sleep worth talking about so carry on doing what your doing and staying clean and sober one day at a time, drink your tea and go to bed without sitting on your phone or any other screen… Learn about your breathing and meditation, your mind is going to be rushing around at 100 miles per hour but practicing breathing will definitely help if you just keep at it. Long walks, swimming and the right food is also going to make a difference… So everything your going through is normal but we do have to put a little bit of effort in, recovery is about the actions we take from this day forward NOT sitting around dwelling on all the has beens and what ifs.
Well done and I wish you well on your journey :+1:


Nobody bothered to leave u a comment so i thought i give u my best advice after being sober from alcohol for 2.5 years
But i guess thumping down a comment is much easier then actually giving good advice :+1:

Don’t advise ppl trying to quit smoking weed to smoke some weed and you won’t get flagged.

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Yeah I agree sleep medication is much better u just won’t ever be able to sleep again :wink:

Like @Faugxh said, give it time. My sleep was awful for more than 4 days after I quit THC. Especially after 3 days, it was the worst. You got to be patient with this, you used to be stone in order to sleep, it takes time to return to normal.