Struggling Quitting Weed

I am really struggling to quit weed. I really need to as I get the munchies and have gained weight and really need to lose some before my trip away next month. any tips on giving up?
I have been doing well not drinking this year I have on and off but its much more a problem smoking when I dont drink. I have replaced beer with weed and now have to kick the habit. Its hard when I get home from work to not smoke or be tempted too. I have thought I will take sleeping tablets for the first week so I dont get to bad insomnia. I feel a bit more motivated today though to tackle this challenge head on as I dont want to just sit around eating and smoking its not making me happy.

Humans need very few things but want many. If you’re accustomed to getting home and smoking I’d suggest a simple change in habit such as an hour long walk after getting home. It’s easy exercise, so it has weight loss properties, and allows you time to think and decompress from the day and get into your present state.

Lotta folks will give flack about struggling with weed but it’s a real thing and can be addictive to people. Don’t worry about smoking tomorrow, just focus on your present state and current feelings because tomorrow will happen no matter what.


I’ve used unisom to help with insomnia stopping mj. helped significantly. no doubt stopping that habit is intense. it’s damn sure worth it though. droppin drink n mj, it’s like I’ve reclaimed who I am. you can do it buddy!

Getting arrested for possession and having to pass a court ordered drug test really helped me quit smoking (I still drank heavily and started using hard drugs after the drug test) but I would recommend NA meetings. One of my really good friends in the program has problems with weed only. If anyone thinks it’s a harmless drug you can go talk to her to see how wrong you are. She’s doing great now though and just picked up her 6 month keytag. I know she uses this app, but I’m not sure about this forum.

Thanks for the advice guys. I am in Australia so not sure about Na meetings ill look it up.
This site is great!
My motivation is to look and feel great but I have a problem with self sabataging myself how can I overcome this?

That’s not spam or anything so don’t be afraid to click it :grinning:

ok great Thanks! I might go to one tommorow night but a bit nervous about going to one.
What are some of the benefits in going?
Because I have quit before and can do it again.
It’s just around here can be bit of seedy people addicted to ice and I am not sure I want to be around them.