Struggling to keep calm today

My husband has woken up in one hell of a mood, childishly bugging me to make me snap which I kinda did. I remembered what some wonderful person posted about ask yourself the question “will this help my sobriety” so I went downstairs and made him coffee and spoke to him normal. Anyway he is now sanding a wall in our open plan kitchen/dining/living room so everything is covered in dust, all my college work and laptop on the dining table, the sofas, all the washing on the clothes horses, everywhere of which is going to take me hours to clean later. He looses his tools which he has just been leaving around the house and gives me s££t because he can’t find them. He’ll be on a power trip today to push my buttons. He’s currently got the music blasting because I hate it so much. Sorry everybody for the rant, I just needed to come on here and write it down before I resort to choping off his man vegetables and shoving them down his gob :sob:


I would go on a walk and clear my head.

Probably a better idea than the one I had :smirk:


Well if the walk doesn’t work go to plan B, lmao.

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Hahaha. Man Vegetables. Lol.

Naaaaw. Domestic bliss. It is so freaking hard hey? Use your sobriety force field ‘nothing can annoy me today - look how empowered I am’.

And I agree - don’t let anyone mess with your sobriety!!

Walk sounds like a plan. Long shower? Grocery shopping? Anything!!! Take a break from the love nest :kissing_heart:


Thanks guys, it’s amazing how effective just writing something down has on putting a thought or feeling into the past, it’s like it becomes a passage of history and easier to move on :closed_book:


Why couldn’t I have learnt this 15 years ago :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: