Struggling with a year of sobriety

I’m really not doing well and none of my family cares. I have no one to talk to about it. And today was supposed to be special.


Congrats on a year! It is very special. Remember you are doing it for you so the reaction (or lack of) doesnt mean a thing. You are a winner dont ever forget that!


Why ain’t it special? One year sober?! Hell yeah it’s big, and we get it!

For others, they might not relate. Might not get the kind of effort and sweat that goes into it. May even still have some old lingering feelings about it. Who knows?

Doesn’t matter, not one bit. 365 days sober is a big damn deal. Nothing but respect from this squirrel, and there’s plenty who would kill to be where you are right now. Know when I started I thought it was impossible. Good on ya, @Maeflower!

So what’s your favorite change after a full year sober?


Others just don’t get it or even remember. It IS super special and we all lift u up here.
Fantastic job and my most excited congratulations!


It can still be a special day and a special accomplishment when you don’t feel special about it. Feelings aren’t facts. Here’s a secret: you don’t have to feel special about today, today. Do what you need to do today, because this milestone is something you get to keep and feel good about whenever you want.

You can talk to us about what’s on your mind, though. You’ll find kind ears who will listen.

And congratulations on one year! :partying_face:




Today is very special day and congratulations :partying_face: on 1 year of sobriety unfortunately if your not an addict then you don’t under what we have been through and the hard work we have put into staying sober on the other hand you have plenty of people on here that will listen to you so give us a shout anytime :+1::muscle:


Excellent job reaching a year! Very proud of you! That is an amazing accomplishment! One thing my sponsor told me was that I can’t expect everyone else in my life ( ie: family, boss, normies, etc ) to roll out a red carpet and sound the trumpets for my sobriety. I didn’t earn a gold star because I’m doing, what I always should have been doing, to begin with. Doing what most normal people all do every day without effort. It didn’t help much at first. The more I thought about what I put them through in my disease the easier it became to understand.
As for me I’m an alcoholic and I think it’s a SUPER SPECIAL DAY FOR YOU! If I had the ability to make a cake and share it with you I would. And sing happy birthday! Your amazing don’t forget that!


Yeah, my 1 year went by with almost no one remembering. But all my friends here were super excited! This too shall pass and you’ll have your year of sobriety anyway. Fuck everyone else, be proud enough yourself! And we’ll be proud of you too!


Oh Hell yeah, one year!!! Think of all the self realization and growth you’ve had over the past year. You decided you were going to change, called your shot, are doing the work and knocked it out of the park! You are a hero!!

Sometimes the most profound things are not well received, or are simply overlooked by others, but their response in no way defines the greatness of the event!

Next time you’re challenged in life or feel lost, look in the cookie jar where you keep this accomplishment and know that anything is possible because you are a successful person!

Much love, congratulations!!


A year is very special!!! You should be very proud of yourself!!! :green_heart::yellow_heart::purple_heart::heart:


When this becomes only for us, do we feel the immense gratification/validation we think we are looking from others. I wish this for you. :two_hearts: Congrats on a year :tulip:

I could not give a fuck anymore , at all, who sees me go in my sobriety. We secretly plan our own glow up together now, me and my sobriété.


You’re a rock star, seriously. You have so much to be proud of, celebrate yourself.



It’s amazing!!! Congrats. :heart:


Wish I could send all the flowers and cake and balloons and ice cream - because a year sober is a miracle worth celebrating BIG!

I know how lonely it can feel when those around you don’t seem to get how hard you have worked to change your life. I have to remind myself that they just can’t.. If they haven’t walked this hellish road of alcoholism and addiction, they can never know what it takes to walk away from it.

But all of us here…WE KNOW! You have done something so amazing and worth so much pride. Huge congratulations to you!!!


i too think its incredibly awesome! congratulations!!! :slight_smile:




I come here to celebrate my milestones. My family are not addicts so they don’t understand how hard it it to stay sober. Make your own party! I gave myself a big backpiece tattoo to celebrate my 1 year sober. Find yourself a present you like, you deserve it. You saved yourself a lot of money by not drinking or using.
And congratulations with your one year sober, that is huge!! :trophy::confetti_ball:


COngratulations on 1 year! that is great.