Struggling with Alcohol

I am new to this. I’m just recognizing i have a problem due to the people around me telling me I drink too much, and for the wrong reasons. My now ex boyfriend who also struggled with alcoholism asked me why I started to drink a lot, and I told him the truth. I said listen, after everything him and I have been through, and me personally, I need a break. I need to forget about things and escape for a while. It started as drinking with friend occasionally, to every day with less friends, to every night when I’m alone. I have alcohol in my possession right now, and it is really bothering me not to drink it. Im just sitting here thinking about it instead. Ive had a bad day… I deserve a drink. I knew when my ex boyfriend tried to stop, he struggled, but I didn’t think it would happen to me. And I didn’t think it would be so hard to stop.

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Hey there, welcome to Talking Sober. I know how it feels to know I shouldn’t drink for lots of reasons, but to still be unable to throw away or otherwise dispose of any alcohol on hand. I had so many excuses for keeping it!

Whatever else you do, don’t drink just until you get to bed tonight. And go to bed early if you need to. Then tomorrow, with a fresh and sober head, you will be stronger and more capable.

Blessings on you house as you begin your journey. :pray:
Everything’s gonna be alright. I promise.


Thank you. I really do appreciate that. I needed to hear everything will be okay. Bless you and your journey as well.

you deserve not to drink. Alcohol is no reward. It will get easier, it will get better. Stick around, we’re here for you.

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You know what now at 6 months of being sober, I ask myself why did I drink alot everyday. Everyday I drank and I always ask myself the same question why and I don’t have and answer but me being alone and depressed. Sounds crazy right but true now of course it’s alot better and have more money in my pocket. So be happy this is the first step for you, you have any questions send me a message I can tell you how hard it was at first :joy: