Struggling with food addiction

I’ve reached my first 3 days eating healthy.
I’m happy, but it’s also hard, very hard. Unfortunately i’ve a lots of temptation, but i’m trying to stay strong.
Started to be a food addicted since i was just a kid, and i’ve passed my whole life linking emotion with food.
Anyone with my problem? I just wanna know what keep you strong.
I wish to all a good fortune for his trip :slight_smile:

I’m an addict to alcohol. My husband is an addict to food. We are both struggling to control cravings and not let our drug of choice run our lives. We’ve talked extensively about triggers, and what we feel like when we relapse. Guess what? It’s the same. It’s just food doesn’t get you all jacked up like booze. But everything else is the same. Promises, guilt, shame, regret are all there for both of us. Hang in there. Identify why you overeat, when, how you feel before you give yourself permission. Work on it. It can get better if you work at it!!!