Struggling 😢

Today i got drunk​:pensive::pensive:
Did i never quit drinking?

@Mnish1 Its a horrid feeling isn’t it. Try not to dwell on the negative too much and try again. Don’t let a mistake take over all the good.

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Me too. I don’t even know what to do now

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You reset that tracker and stop yourself from going down further in that route. Keep your head up. We slip up. Success rarely comes from just one try. Don’t beat yourself up too much about it. You got this!


I have to start over. Mad at myself. But i will get this. @Mnish1 your not alone.

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Hmm thankyou dear!!!

Don’t worry Ash☺ keep trying

Almost gave in myself last night…Today I know I would have continued drinking so I’m glad I resisted the urge but still feel shocked how close I was to having to reset. For some reason I fail to focus on the positive side right now.
I think the only reason I didn’t drink is that I had eaten a lot after work and just felt full… Maybe I can use that as an exit strategy next time I feel the urge.

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@Zappo good work on resisting! Try to take positive thoughts from that - you are stronger than you think x

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Reset and try again, keep at it man. We can do this​:+1::blush: