Suboxone strips and pain medication

Thanks for the advice.

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Hey there pal. As far as I know it is pretty dangerous to mix sub and pain meds. There’s some folks here with a lot more experience than me. So let’s hope they chime in

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Taking any type of opiate based pain medication while on Suboxone increases your risk of overdose immensely and it will not provide any meaningful pain relief. It could also put you in percipitated withdrawal.

Make an emergency appt that can’t expect you to sit in pain for a month don’t take no for a answer explain to them your at risk of overdosing as your in so much pain you need to take more meds and your unsure if that’s safe but your at the point of not given af if it eases the pain it’s all the truth I hope you get it sorted it’s baffles me why they would give you suboxe for serve pain anyhow