Suboxone? Yea? Or no?

I’m 108 days clean of norco. The dr gave me suboxone to make the transition a little easier but I’m sick of taking it. I just want to be off everything. What’s everyone advice on it? Is there a reason I need to keep taking it or what’s the best way to quit it?

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Hi @Karlisue. If you don’t get much response on here, search the forum for “suboxone” and sort results by most recent, to see who discussed this lately.

Hey buddy. Suboxone is great to come off opiods. I took Suboxone for the first 5 days after opiods. Just enough time to pass the withdrawals. I suggest you start taking less and less each day so you can come off easily. Take a whole strip today. Tomorrow take three quarters. And the next take half. Then on and on. Don’t do it cold turkey because your chances of relapsing increases. Now after your finish with the Suboxone you will have strong cravings. I suggest you stay strong and if your upto it go to a couple NA meetings and get advice to stay clean. If I can do it . You can do it. I came off heroin onto Suboxone. Clean from the dope and Suboxone for 2 and half years. Good luck

@Karlisue that stuff is more addictive than what you were using. A friend of mine is having a real hard time coming off of it. Be careful and make sure they wien you off slowly. Good luck

Why would any dr prescribe suboxone for someone 108 days clean from Norco? My advice is this : RUN as fast as you can. These quack docs are irresponsible asf!