Care to share anything you’ve picked up since starting sobriety?

Mine are: took chewing tobacco back up, getting rid of that now. Took up cigar smoking, that’s here to stay. Peanut m&ms are a beautifully crafted candy part of my mornings. Coffee all the time.

I’m going to start baking when I get home, I’ve downloaded recipes for all sorts of tarts, cheesecakes, muffins etc. I’m going to let baking take over my life for a bit then I’ll move on to some healthy cooking when I’ve got a month or 2 under my belt.

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I literally have to eat reeses pieces with my coffee every morning. I was in taking a lot of sugar with the alcohol but I never eat sweets. I guess trading booze for reeses pieces isn’t too bad.


Sparkling water and essential oils. :slight_smile: