Sudden emotion bad day


Struggling today emotionally busy at work which usually i cope okay with but today im not and have already got really upset once and feel an idiot for. I think its due to a man asked me out yesterday this is someone who had turned me down for someone else before and i said then not to come back this was a year ago. Im going to decline because 1 he wants to go out drinking. 2 im not interested in dating right now and 3 im not anyones 2nd choice. I just dont know how to decline politely and i guess im overthinking it.
Im now tired and drained and i didnt start that way this morning i was fine it just hit suddenly.
I used to use alcohol to subside these feelings and is a factor into why i stopped as when drinking although productive at work i would be irritable and snappy.
Not really looking for any advise or words specifically it just helps me to let it out. Half of the day left to go and i am then going to come home have a relaxing bath some food and get in bed after watch something not sure what yet and get a good nights rest! Then i have the weekend to relax and get out in the fresh air too.


HUGS. I’m sorry this has you so consumed. I honestly think you owe this man nothing. He asked you out and you don’t want to go. You can be honest about it or make up an excuse…really it doesn’t matter. Just decline. Then it won’t be hanging over you and you can feel better.


Thank you :slight_smile: yes i will do then its done i dont know why im overthinking it in all honesty seems to silly. There was times during my heavy drinking id have agreed and then got very drunk with him and ended up in a situation id regret so im grateful im putting myself first now!


Your sobriety comes first. And, please, do not worry about being polite. Be assertive, firm and sweet. I would have love to but…well because you are busy with a date with yourself, taking a bath. Done!


Aww love this! Ive sent a response now saying thanks but no if he asks why ill simply be stating focusing on myself this takes away the negetive factor :slight_smile:
Thanks both for your replies


Decline how ever you feel…you can just shaddow away or be direct. You cant control his reaction only he can. He has to deal with those feelings. Obviously karma came back around for him. Im sure hes the usual get the gurl tipsy n pray type. Pathetic… Just dont let it rent space. You already know your choice is no so just stick to that. Dont think about the past or what ifs. Stay focused on you. Your worth it! Stay strong!


I agree that you owe this man no explanation, but I would definitely be honest with him if he asks why. If you get it off your chest and tell him how he made you feel a year ago and how he makes you feel now(a 2nd choice), you will feel better at the end of the day and enjoy your relaxing bath. Work on yourself and don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you aren’t worth their time. You are already proving to be a strong person with your sobriety. The right person will come along and appreciate your strength and NEVER put you 2nd :heart: have a wonderful day and enjoy your evening. Keep your head up! :wink:


He responded fine and said he understands completely and that he feels perhaps he stil needs to work on himself too. So if i had gone for this i would have probably ended up with his issues aswell of mine by looks of it and im in no way ready for any of that.
Thank you for your replies :slight_smile: means alot! Im now relaxing with a lovely rasberry herbal tea!!