Sugars cravings

Hi all. Day 9 sober and that’s great but if I keep eating like I’m eating I’ll be the size of the side of a house soon !! Just seems like I’m never full and craving sweet stuff all the time. I brought healthy food to work today but didn’t want it at lunch and ended up eating a sandwich and rubbish. Dinner I had healthy food then followed by ice cream and chocolate!! Sitting here thinking about what I can have next ! When I was drinking I had very little appetite but I’m making up for it now ! :see_no_evil::scream:

That’s par for the course. In my first attempt of quitting I ate and ate and ate; I gained a few pounds. I think it’s ok to eat, as long as its within reason. The body can only handle so much, ya know.

It will take a few weeks, at least, before your body gets back to normal with its cravings. If you have a plan to return your diet to normal eventually, I don’t think it’s a problem. The important part is maintaining sobriety.

Thank you I just have worked hard to lose weight and don’t want it to spiral but yes if I need the distraction at the minute I guess I’ll go with it. Hopefully as you say the cravings will ease after a while. Feeling good on the sober front though. Thanks guys

There’s a lot of sugar in alcohol, your body is looking for a way to replace that. When I was in rehab they gave us a lot of fruit. But don’t feel bad about eating sweets early on. Gaining weight is better than dying of alcoholism.


Very true ! I have bought lots of fruit today so will try that as an alternative tomorrow