Suggestion to the App Developers

Hey Development Team,

First of all. This is a great app and works really well on my device. Thumbs up. I wish other (expensive) software i have to work with would work this well. Thanks for the great work.

I have a little suggestion for the app. Dunno if this is rhe right place for this, but if not, nevermind.
In the app, when i go under ‘Milestones’, there is ‘Standard’ and ‘Personal’. Under ‘Personal’ I have the option to add any desired individual time frame, for personal achievements, which is great.
But wouldn’t it be great, if we could also make ‘Money Saved’ a Milestone? Maybe even connected to a self defined Reward/Gift for yourself?
This would be awesome.
Just an idea.

Best, S.


@Robin, a suggestion/feedback. :grinning:


So basically milestones that are not measured in time, but instead measured in money saved? This would be a bit tricky given how the app is currently designed. The milestone would rely on the savings you entered, and you’d also have to set up your own personal milestone after that. It would require a lot of work. Things like notifications, the bar at the top of the tracker, the journal, and other places would all need to be updated to account for this.

I’ve thought about it in the past, but I haven’t seen much interest in this feature to justify the amount of work that would need to go into it.


Hey Robin.
Thanks for this app.
It been a lifesaver for me.
I’m so grateful.

I’ve always wanted to mention this but……… for what ever reason I haven’t. So here goes.

I’ve seen many people come on the TS forum from, I guess, the Sober Time app. And I’ve heard mention many times. “I never knew there was a forum.”

I found the forum immediately when I joined over 3 years ago. I was desperate for support. I don’t understand what people mean when they say they joined the app but didn’t know there was a forum. Is the forum hard to find. It wasn’t for me.

Just thought I’d finally throw this out here.
Thanks again for this lifesaving app.


Hey. Thanks for your Reply. If it is too much effort, never mind. Was just an idea and thought this would be an easy task as the app already counts saved money.

Thanks for your work. Great App never the less.