Survived my first sober party - thoughts

So, today is 21 days sober :grin: last night I survived my first sober party and here are my main observations…

  1. It was more fun getting ready :joy: usually, I’d have two or three drinks while putting make up on (before even going out), which resulted in wonky eye liner and smudged lip stick.

  2. JUST SAY NO TO THE FIRST DRINK. This was great advice I received. The first drink was the hardest. I said no once and it got easier after that. I know it’s controversial, but alcohol free beer saved me a couple times. I felt less socially awkward holding a beer-like bottle. I moved onto cranberry juice after.

  3. Don’t get hungry. We went for dinner before the party and it was a long wait for food. I started to get agitated and it made me want wine more. Once I’d eaten, I was fine. I also chose something deliciously unhealthy as a treat (hey, if I’m not drinking right?).

  4. You become the organiser. Everyone got pretty useless after they were drunk. I was in charge of hailing taxis, planning travel routes and booking tables.

  5. Nobody cared that I wasn’t drinking. They were focused on themselves. Honestly, nobody even asked why?!

  6. Really drunk people are scary :joy: my fiances mum and step dad got so drunk, they started dancing manically and knocking people’s drinks over :see_no_evil: I didn’t judge them at all, they were just having fun, but you could see others getting annoyed and raising eyebrows. Drunk people become very very tunnel visioned - they stop noticing the atmosphere around them.

  7. I didn’t wee on my jumpsuit :joy: this is embarrassing, but when I got drunk I wouldn’t bother taking my clothes off properly when I needed a wee, I’d just manouvre it round my legs, resulting in wee on my outfit :+1: damn…

  8. It was boring relatively quickly. I used to be the last one standing but I was home by 1, tucked up with a nightcap… Tea :joy:

  9. BUT it was fun, and I don’t regret going. I felt a bit bored at times without being sloppy and socially lubricated with booze, but I did enjoy myself for the most part!

So yeah, a few thoughts. It was a a lot easier than I thought because drinking wasn’t an option! I went out KNOWING it wasn’t an option, no matter what.

Here’s a photo!


You look georgious! Congratulations with your surviving :facepunch:


Congrats on your first night out. Your observations are very similar to mine.

Except for #7. I dont wear jumpsuits. Although I hear men’s rompers are becoming a thing.


Well done! You were really anxious about this, but sound so confident now. Good for you

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Thank you :grin:

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I’m sure you’d look cracking in a men’s romper :grin:


Thank you! It was nowhere near as hard as I anticipated! Relieved :grin:


I think that came up last week. The fact that we can get ourselves wound up about things, over think things! Then it just adds to our anxiety regarding what we are trying to do with our lives. I have yet to go anywhere apart from work, and that’s hard enough.

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Well done! And what a lovely outfit. Those observations were hilarious. I can relate a lot!


Haha the make up one :see_no_evil: no fun trying to put on mascara with shaky hands

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We just got a call because the host, who’s 60th bday party it was, fell down the stairs and smashed her head at the end of the night! Spent the evening in hospital. Stairs were steep but booze deffo didn’t help :tired_face::pensive: she is okay! But god, it’s a reminder of how vulnerable we get when drinking.

Well done! My first night out sober was strange at first bc one friend offered me her cocktail twice like “you have to try this”.
As they got tipsy I just was smiling inside and felt awesome bc I still was sober :star_struck:

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Thank you :blush::heart:

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Great job @Ashleigh, I have a tenth observed for you…

  1. You woke up this morning with no hangover and you are fresh and alert to enjoy your Sunday. Your future in laws are probably feeling it today :grinning:

Hi @Ashleigh,
#3, taking care of hunger is a great tip not just for parties, but for life generally. I don’t realize what needing to eat feels like until my tummy is growling. And about 45 minutes before that, my attitude goes to pieces, I get intolerant. For me, the key is to eat at regular intervals.

And yeah, drunk people are generally boring, needy, and occasionally frightening. Good on you for handling this with grace ( and style, judging by the awesome colors you wore!).

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Well done! I realised a few of these things this weekend too. Also, most people drink far less than I’d thought.

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Absolutely! And I bet they are.

Thanks :grin: and yeah, the hunger was getting to me way more than usual! Usually, I’d be more focused on booze. I wouldn’t care whether I ate. This time I was like FEED ME NOW OR GOD HELP YOU ALL :joy:

That’s awesome! Lol I don’t miss the piddling on myself and waking up stinking of urine. I wake up smelling good now😀. Keep up the awesome progress👍

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Well done turning down the first drink!

:+1: That’s definitely me if I drink.

Haven’t been to a full-on romp since getting sober, only a wedding and some milder outings. I really enjoy being present and remembering the good conversations I now have with others.

At the wedding I attended I made the acquaintance of a bunch of the couple’s friends and family I had never gotten to meet before and they were all super cool! It’s something I would have missed in the cups.