Survived NYE

30 days sober today, my longest stretch. Out on vacation with a bunch of partiers. Went and stayed sober at the big bash. Most of these guys never met me and I introduced myself as a non drinker.

Then I told stories about being drunk and I think they realized I stopped due to a problem, and backed off buying me drinks.

I helped people get back in their Uber and fell asleep exhausted. Really didn’t enjoy myself but it was good to see the other side. Very eye opening


I’ve known non-drinkers who used to drink. I must admit, I never related this to them having had problems, more that they’d wised up and that I wished I could!


Good job on seeing it as eye opening. Having to be in the company of drunks, I found it irritating, and boring, so hopefully you had a better time than I! And congrats on the 30 days!!


So happy for you, congrats and keep it up!!

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That’s what I’m talkin about!! Super happy for you man! It’s been a pleasure watching you this last month. You’ve grown and it shows in you post.

Good stuff:)

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Congratulations, you have overcome a big hurdle and hit a month sober, fantastic efforts.

Build on this and keep working on yourself, these challenges become easier. If you put in the work you will leave the desire to drink behind and realise these parties were never really much fun for us anyway. We’d just been brainwashed to believe they were.

I was shattered at work today, however seeing people suffering from the holidays made me feel like I have accomplished something so positive and amazing. One guy had been texting his boss all through NYE and was living in fear having them all recited back to him and he was clearly still crippled with the shakes etc having had 10 pints and a litre of Rum :nauseated_face:

A quiet night and I’ll be fine tomorrow but he’ll still be suffering.

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You chose to be in control and YOU did it! Fantastic!

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Congrats on 30 days! Today is my 30 day Mark. Feels great

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I’m just amazed how these guys partied so hard and kept going the next day. My hangovers were debilitating. They still struggled and were moving pretty slow the next day.

This was a gay bar and people party hard mostly to pick up someone to take home. It’s bizarre to watch sober. People that can’t even focus their eyes correctly riding home with strangers. Oh my.

I loved my vacation but got stuck at the airport. With a free meal/drink voucher. Any other time I’d have gotten drunk to forget the misery of this whole process. It felt sort of adventurous.

But as I look around, the vast majority of people, even delayed, are sober. Only a minority of flight passengers actually drink. It’s important to realize these things. I was the drunk.

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