Swimmers thread 🏊🏻‍♀️


lovely to read you :palms_up_together:t2:

I had a super loveley training of 80 minutes and 3000 something meters on Saturday, tonight I will also hit the pool :grinning::blue_heart:

The outdoor pools start next 3 to 6 weeks :grinning:
I checked out 3 that are available in 20 minutes drive :muscle:t2: looking so much forward to it! :sweat_drops:
Outdoor season is best and 3 new options are rich. Lol :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


70 minutes constant swimming, 2700something. YUM :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::muscle:t2:


Hi so cool I found this in a recovery site. I’m 61, swim 50 laps every morning in a 24 yard pool. This is my meditation time, my mind lets go while I focus on strokes and core and it’s just an amazing reset daily. I have old injuries from my days of using and car accidents and swimming keeps me limber and without the level of pain I used to live with before I found the pool. There are so many benefits I wouldn’t know how to explain it all. I’m also very into biking, which swimming pairs with perfectly. Loosens up all my joints and on nice days it’s 10-20 miles of trails now that my husband and I retired. Regardless of anything else life throws at us I have the pool and the ride. It just makes my sober journey more.


Nice to meet you! Swimming is my therapy, it’s like a neurological boost in every way. I got home, saw that my wife/kids weren’t home, i immediately ran in the house, grabbed my swim clothes, and went out the door!

I’ve learned as i fight for sobriety how critically important sleep and my swimming pool are. They are everything. Since my relapse last weekend, my mind has been pretty foggy lately, i swam yesterday but didn’t quite have that ‘juice.’ But it was still therapeutic to be in the pool!


Haven’t even been in the pool for about a month, six weeks here. Can’t get a lane for love nor money now the weather is better!


Hey Teri,

loveley swimmer story and backround.
Welcome to our ts swimmers club.
Feel free to share :grinning:

How is everybody going?
@Twizzlers @Tragicfarinelli @MrFantastik @CATMANCAM @Soberbilly @SelfLove_42 @Mischa84 @Shawn1991 and everybody I forgot??

I just received message that one of the outdoor pools is open now! It has nice opening hours from 7 to 7 on regular days and 9 to 7 at weekend and bank holiday :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
I am over the top happy about that and will be there on Saturday the latest :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:
Friday I will be at my regular indoor pool as I have a appointment at the hairdresser in the city and combine the drive.

By the way…


No swimming yet this week, i’ve been to the gym twice, slept in my car both days and ended up just heading home. I will change all that today!


Keep at it, my life revolves around swimming from 7-8:30 am, biking or walking in the afternoon and AA meetings 5 out of 7 nights, I’m part of AA district and very involved in recovery. I have at minimum a couple hundred friends that I would consider good friends. Recovery is a life style, a journey and a wild adventure. Stick with it, the swimming and the sobriety.


I had such a great swim this afternoon and I need to share my happyness :heartpulse:

After a thunderstorm the sky cleared up and I had 90 minutes sunshine in the outdoor pool doing a quite nice set as I had 2 other good swimmers to keep pace with. It was just :ok_hand:t2:


Please don’t click if you are triggered by swimwear!

Otherwise… Enjoy the floooow!

I ordered the Garmin vivoactive 5 smartwatch today (smashing 160 days AF). Looking forward to my new fitness watch :heart_eyes:


Took a good swim in the pool while visiting my family in my home country. Realized This is what I need to do! So my plan is to get a proper swim in the sea every day when back in portugal, starting today. I might buy myself a bicycle also to not have to drive the car all the time to get to the beach


Welcome back to the game Bart! :muscle:t2:


My new “Garmin vivoactive 5” is so much fun. Bluetooth connection is disconnected sometimes, will solve this anyway…

Sorry it’s german!
Funny overview and certificate…

WhatsUp TS swim club?
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I do the butterfly 50 meters very nice in the meantime! Today and yesterday I had over 3000 meter swim each. Mixed style.

Yeah call me the beast :rofl::muscle:t2:


Dang girl…those are some great stats! Love the Garmin watch myself.

Hell yeah beast…
Keep swimming :hugs:


Hey girl.

Yeah you are a beast of the water, so impressive.

I’m getting back in the pool in winter as honestly it’s so hard to get a spot at the moment in summer and it’s too busy for me!

Currently I’m getting leaner and using weights and running, yoga and Pilates. Can’t wait to get back in when I can do so in relative peace. I once had the whole pool to myself on Christmas Eve, it was bomb.


My swim spot


Thank you for this post! I love swimming. Summer is my favorite season. I’ve been to the ocean to find out I’m definitely a pool person. I was able to go swimming this week and now realize I can use this as a recovery tool!


Your new watch looks very good and recording your progress.
And what a strong swimmer :muscle:

I will be swimming before my operation on my leg, be easy in the pool though and swim for my mental health.
For more intense swims which I love I have to wait a while I think.

Once I have had the operation and healing is more about using my leg rather than wounds healing I can float around on the deep end until I get my full strength back😂

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Had a swim…
And a butterfly stroke lane in the rain :swimming_woman:t3:
100 butterfly in total.
Pretty decent :sunglasses: