Taking care of and re-parenting your inner child

Many addicts have addict parents or parents who may have had thier own issues and so could not be there for us the way any child needs. Learning to reparent myself has been quite the journey, very rewarding while also hard as hell to not get stuck on “why?!” I know why, my own parents never learned to parent themselves because thier parents didnt know either.

As a mindful, aware adult I now get the option and opportunity to become the best damn parent I could ever ask for, for me. I know what I need and can provide it for myself. It will not erase my past but if my thoughts create my reality, and they do, then I get to think more constructively about this and DO something instead of dwell in one more moment of “Why!?”

Really enjoyed this article, got me thinking :slight_smile:


I just read something about this yesterday also, great post! :heart:

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Really great inner child meditation…found myself tearing up and that’s a great way to know this work definitely needs to be done :hugs:


Crazy to think we really can save someone we may have thought was dead, when they are still within us :hugs:

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I have walked through these 6 steps, l feel ready to do this work.

And to me, it was crazy to think that child needed healing still when I’m an adult! Amazing the things we need to unlearn and relearn along the way

Bookmarking this thread to return to when I’ve got more time. Thanks for sharing!:two_hearts:


Thanks for sharing I’ve booked marked to for another day when I’m not so tired, at first glance a very interesting and useful read :slight_smile::+1:

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A lot of my own reparenting is to be more compassionate with myself but also more disciplined to do good and in turn feel good. As a child I decided all bad things were my fault, I was not enough and never would be and held onto those beliefs for decades. In learning to parent myself I think it is important to remember that a really great parent will also be thier childs bestfriend and continue that work along with the discipline part. And along with the self discipline and learning to be my own bestfriend I also have to learn to stop any blame of others, look forward and find my own way through.


Learn to stop learning and start thinking for yourself. Stop all the “stuff” others teach us to start gaining our own perspectives on life.
This kid is great! :hugs::hugs::hugs:

So much I learned growing up was pure crap, just another adult forcing thier wants for themselves upon me, without my even asking for it :laughing:
Love this and plan to collect pebbles today because I find them beautiful :hugs:

Wow! Ted talk about how hypnosis can help rewire our brains to stop all the habitual thinking cycles and stories we have and even heal PTSD…how to place where they start and how hypnosis (meditation is self hypnosis)can help start rewriting the perspectives surrounding the stories. :hugs:

I personally rewired the stories I used to replay in my mind with the help of mindfulness meditation and it’s amazing. It’s not denying what happened, it is gaining a new perspective, one from a healthy viewpoint hopefully :smile:

Dr Bruce Lipton explains how to reprogram our minds, the same way they were programmed from age 0-7

So much explained why/how I reprogrammed my brain with the help of meditation and a “childs mind” in early sobriety.