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Hi I’m new here my name is Joshua I used to smoke weed and now I’m stopping it’s just a waste of time I haven’t smoked since last week and no urge to at all. I’m not one of those people who are addicted to weed but I honestly don’t see the point in it ,it just wastes your money and you could be saving your money to buy stuff you want or just to save it


that’s cool you are quitting weed. I quit smoking for a while now (i have not kept track of the days but i know its been since before thanksgiving). I am much more clear headed now, i can remember shit no problem, and my eating habits are better and the money being saved is probably the best benefit. Keep it up. In my opinion, Weed is really not physically addictive at all but it can become a bad habit, just like drinking too much caffeine or eating chocolate can become harmful.

Well a addiction is when you do something everyday I know friends that smokes everyday still to this day and I’m like how can you do it you’re not getting anywhere in life but there not my friends anymore when real sistuations come out we see who our friends really are