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I hope you get well soon.i usually do what my kids call a Witches Brew (my friends call me kitchenwitch) for colds and likewise things. Wouldn’t recommend it instead of real meds but usually you drink tea anyway when you’re having these kind of symptoms so why not use it to your advantage. There’s two different ways first one contains:

cinnamon-expectorant, and anti-inflammatory

Clove-, natural pain relief,( if you’ve got toothache you can chew on whole clove and it’ll numb your tooth, and probably half of your tongue)

Ginger- super anti inflammatory
(don’t ever use ginger if you’ve got a fever, because it raises your body temperature)

Honey- expectorant and cough relief

If you’ve got real tea (like lipton teabags or likely) Masala Chai usually contains about the same ingredients, just make some with a little honey. And you’ve got about the same.
Otherwise a small pinch of each spice and about two whole cloves works well for one cup. If you only got ground cloves take a smaller pinch because it’s a bit spicy.
Second witches brew, doesn’t really taste good but it can work.

Thyme, lemon, honey, turmeric and minth. If you’ve only got the first three it still works. All of them are anti-inflammatory, contains antioxidants and thyme is a natural expectorant cough relief.

A pinch of each spice, a teaspoon of lemon or just a slice, and honey after your own taste.

Boil water, add spices, let it sit for 5-10 mins. Drink when it’s a little bit cooler than hot, and at a maximum three times a day. If you don’t like the spices in you can use a coffee brewer and add the spices in the filter and brew the witches brew.

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