Teetering on the edge opiates


I got out of rehab 3 weeks ago. A week ago, after i couldn’t stand the fatigue and insomnia anymore I started drinking kratom. Then the next day took oxys. Then kratom. I’ve been flipping back and forth everyday…Im quickly falling back down in the hole! The obsession is non stop. I need some help! Also, curious w the kratom…does it increase tolerance? Everyone said when u leave rehab that ur tolerance goes way down. Mine did not at all, which made me wonder if thats just bulls*** or if kratom keeps tolerance high. Regardless, does anyone have any advice for me…I should have done a 30 day inpatient…but really cant bc of responsibilities I have. The struggle is fu**** real!! Thanks


Over 3 weeks your tolerance will drop a little, but not much. Some people swear by Kratom, but this is a good example of how it doesn’t work. At this point you should cold turkey it without to much discomfort but if you keep going the WDs will only get worse. Have you thought about doing some IOP that would fit your schedule a little bit better? Also, whatever responsibilities you have now won’t be there long if you keep using.


Yes I was considering IOP. I have the paper here. I really have no experience with IOP and don’t even know what it is. Like who can concentrate in detox when they are going over this stuff lol. I had thought the NA/AA would be enough for me, but it hasnt been.


They teach you the same things as in rehab, except it’s only a few hours a week for a few months. Nothing is really going to help with the detox other than knowing it’s coming and just getting through it


Best thing to do is hydrate and get your vitamins thru a multi vitamin until you can eat and get them naturally. Then when you finally feel up to exersizing. Start to get up and move around. Every little bit helps. Opiates tend to have a long wd timeline unlike many other drugs. Just hang in there and be patient.