Tell Me About About One Of Your Favorite Memories/ Photos Are Welcome

Thinking about more positive things in my life really helps me stay plugged in to my recovery. It keeps me motivated and grateful, which encourages change.
A lot of good days got past me while I was in my alcohlic brain looking right through the good… like a passing car. Today I appreciate things that I have not in the past. Tell me something in retrospect that your grateful for now. I promise it’ll give you a boost.


Meeting my great nephew for the fisrt time this Christmas…
We had a blast. They warned me about his energy level… they just dont know about mine. When I tell you I wore little man out… I did.
They said it was the first time he slept past 6am since he was born. I was so proud, lol.


I hear ya, I am only at day 10 and I can say I am so damn excited for my future…uber excited. Sobriety feel like a comfy sweater. My favorite memories seem to always involve family and friend activities, from being on the motorcycle in the summer, to my sons first helicopter ride, and celebrating 20 years of marriage this falll

I am excited to celebrate and create many more memories, and also celebrate just the day to day joys. Thanks for creating this thread, memory lane made me smile!


Great topic. Made me stop and think. I have so many things to be grateful for and so many good memories of times with my family. My wedding day, my kids being born, seeing them have success at varying things, coaching them in sports when they were younger, great vacations. So much to be thankful for and thank you for making me stop and think about it.


This is what lights me up. Im so happy for you. And proud of you. Stay close to the good. I dont about you, but I’ve had enough bad for a lifetime. Im loving your photos. They are inspired by love, and I see it.

MBiking in the Black Forest! The best. Love it! :blush::heart::sunflower:


Right on, friend. Great picture

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You are so welcome. Sounds like a good life. One to celebrate… everyday. Love it.

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A lifelong wish that came true in 2017. Roadtripping through the USA, this day in early April a long ride through crazy weather from West Yellowstone to McKay ID. After a huge storm in the plains the mountains popped out of the clouds. I’ll never forget this sight.


Woah! Amazing. When I first looked I saw the mountain peaks become an eagle. Priceless

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a sunset with my family - my reason to live


Haha- I must of entered 2 pics

Melt my heart❤

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Ty for being transparent and offering a topic without me taking inventory- My family adores me - this sunset in Santa Monica (days from being high) during Covid. Putting things into prospective that God doesn’t see me linear and with fault - but reminds me of when he’s been with me with all my baggage. Taking a deep breath and drinking some water as a trigger is when my sugar is rising and I start drifting. Ty again -

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You are more than welcome. Its such a gift to recognize the blessings… even if we didn’t realize it then, we do now… Thank you sweet Jesus. I always share from the :heart: I dont believe Id have a chance If I’m not being honest today…

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My best friend and I had been boozing for far to many days in life and on this day we decided to have a sober adventure! She’s been sober for years now & I’m just now getting there in my life :revolving_hearts:

Things are never quite scary when you got a best friend. --Dr.Seuss


I hope this picture is in a frame, if its not, you know what to do. This picture has “New Beginning” all over it. Thank you for sharing it, it means alot.


One of my favorite memorie is when my brother became a Marine it was his lifelong dream he left as soon as he graduated high school i remember us going to Parris Island to see him graduate and i couldnt beileve the transformation in him great time .


I saw an alien spaceship… Perhaps I need to look again!

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Wow @Artnee…True friendship is shining in this photo♥️

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