Temptation - What worked Today


I don’t know what set it off, but today I really wanted to drink. I’d decided to drink and we were due to do a grocery shop which was the perfect time to buy. All the way there - even all the way up to the booze aisle I was gonna drink but I didn’t. What worked today was ‘fast-forward’ thinking. I talked myself through what was likely to happen if I drank; the first 3 or 4 would be great! And then what? It would go downhill. My mood would get darker and I’d be trapped in that purgatory of not being able to stop, but knowing what would happen if I carry on. I would carry on, my mood would get worse and worse the drunker I’d get, the drunker I’d get, the more chaos was likely to happen and the worse I’d feel tomorrow…the moment passed and the impulse went away. Common sense and forward thinking won out over lack of will power and acting on impulse. The day isn’t over, but the craving has gone.


Good for you. Keep thinking that way.


We would call this “playing the tape” or “thinking the drink through”.

It’s a very useful tool to keep sharp. Always kill the romance of the first drink or 2 with all of the ugliness that will ensue after. Pull no punches. If you’re like me you’ve done lots of “research” and know exactly what will happen.


Isn’t it wonderful to experience grace like that? A change in thinking, a shift in values, and then there is different behavior. :star_struck:


Great job! You just wrote my fast forward too!


Nice details, thanks for sharing, its truly inspiring!


Thanks for the replies. I’m beginning to get the hang of controlling the cravings. Practice makes perfect I guess.


I figure stuff like this is worth sharing. If one person reads it and it helps it’s worth the effort.


Exactly. The more time I spend on TS, the more I’m made aware of the impact all of us can have by being open and honest about what we go through. It’s easy to think that a lack of replies or likes means no impact, but it’s really not the case. There are many silent readers, readers who don’t give out likes often, and readers who don’t feel they have anything to add to the conversation but appreciate it all the same.


I agree. I have been looking at thus every night before bed to remind me why I am not drinking. Today I listened to some podcasts about recovery while stuck in traffic on the way home from work. I am actively replacing thoughts about drinking to thoughts about being sober. Keeps my head in the right place. I am still new here but TS has really helped so far. Keep coning back.


Maybe @Jim78 has it right. “Playing the tape” is a little dated. Maybe it’s time for “fast forward.”

It’s saved my ass, too.


I’ve seen ‘playing the tape’ mentioned on here a couple of times and it didn’t click what it was. But yeah, it’s pretty useful.


Thx man I really appreciate your knowledge I just added a powerful tool to my collection. #firmandstrong