Thank you for your help and support

Hey everyone good morning! Thank you for all of your support it’s really helped. I’ve been reading a lot about emotional sobriety and that’s something I’m trying hard to work on. Heartbreak has been excruciating but with your support I’m walking through this breakup with dignity and grace, letting what is be what it is. Someone told me once that sometimes God’s rejection is God’s protection, I can relate to that. I have 30 days sober today and I don’t think I’d be alive let alone sober if I didn’t feel the pain of my fiance calling it quits. It’s been really hard being a grown up and not contacting her at all lol but I know I don’t have the right to try and push something that’s over, it would be rude and selfish. I’ve been doing things I’ve never done before since I’ve been sober this time like excercising everyday plus yoga and meditation in the morning. I am dedicated to my recovery and am so blessed to have a chance to be sober again. I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone, this is an amazing forum have an AWESOME DAY!!!


Thank you!

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