Thank You Pots

Relearning how to serve others while respecting Myself & our mettaversal boundaries is a challenging effort during recovery.

To help Myself learn structured balance & an appropriate routine I’ve turned to Plants as the Teachers & Gifts They are.

I’ve also started painting "Thank You Pots "to express My appreciation for those who have been patient with Me while I (re)learn how to properly listen & communicate in the multicultural environments that have helped My soul keep anchored to My bones.

I try to incorporate both the celestial & grounding elements that have manifested upon the journey as well as mirroring the textures that have become a part of Me as I grow.

Thank You for allowing Me to use this tread as a way to keep track of My progress, not only in painting, but in Life.



Love them! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::clap:t2:

Thank You. It’s named, “Galaxy Note”, after My phone :dizzy::iphone: :selfie:

Lovely work!!

Very nice!!! :yellow_heart:

Thanks. I hope to fill this tread with much potted gratitude


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Thank You Bug :beetle: