Thankful for being able to stick to my guns

Gosh the last few hours were brutal. Thank goodness I stuck it out.
I just kept replaying in my head a comment from my first post.
If I drink today I’ll have to do it all over again tomorrow. So I just kept replaying that in my head. Then wrote it on several post it’s and placed them around my apt.
Tomorrow’s a new day and I know I’m far from where I want to be however I’m one day closer.


Yes!! You can be proud of this. And now those hours are behind you. You’re doing great!

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Keep doing this, its working, well done x

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Great idea with the post it’s, your doing great :slightly_smiling_face:


Sometimes that’s what it has to come down to. Keep repeating mantras over and over. Sounds silly, but you know it workgood for you