Thankful Giving & Recieving

Thankful for dreaming sober.

Thankful for Lyft and all the inspiring conversations therein.

Thankful for Meta & all the soul that keep us interconnected during the digital afterlife.

Thankful for Nintendo®️ Switch & Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Thankful for Netflix & the investment of time that it helps Me Learn to enjoy & enjoy learning.

Thankful for My place of r & the Humane H

Thankful for social media & ‘its’ the digital & artful presence helping through the day.

Thankful for all the people who offered Me shelter when I had none, direction when I needed some, & food when I couldn’t afford any.

Thankful for My growing credit inside & throughout.

Thankful for the Sober Time app & how it’s helped time mend, bend, & inspire.

Thankful for knitting as an alternative to everything else.

Thankful for tea & the herbal education therin
Thankful for being 4 Years 7 Months & 11 daze sober.

Thankful for the nurturing nature of the four seasons

Thank You Giving Thanks & Recieving Gratitude


Beautiful and as always, a joy to see you!!! :heart:

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From one knitter to another, thank you for sharing your thankfulness. Love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I love all of this!

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Thank you so much. I always appreciate sharing thoughts & hope to invest in a computer soon so I can contribute more.

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Thank you

I wish I had learned sooner, however better now than tomorrow <3

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Thank you. I hope that joy doesnt let you go.

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