Thanks everyone

I want to thank whoever created this app and the fellow people in recovery who reach out and try to help others get through a fall or mental anguish addiction and recovery cause… maybe this for me is that honeymoon phase they talk about but I’m more positive tonight about my recovery process… its day 5 since slipped and used again but it was a learning process and I’m really determined now to focus and fight this addiction… I made little peace or closure for the most part with my past and my ex who blamed aallot for my ever getting addicted and the abuse and forgiving myself for the pain i caused myself and :family_man_woman_boy: that using caused and im focused on working out a plan of staying sober seeking medical help with the depression and anxiety surrounding usage and just mental stability slowly doing things to get use to a world outside of drugs that i can enjoy life or an experience i once ha d while high etc that can do not high… Just have to hold on to this peace and pray to god /my higher power to truly help me cause obviously doing it all alone hasn’t worked… seeing how long I’ve been sober and knowing if i use again ill have to hit reset and start back at day one is also a motivator so i appreciate this app and the loving kind support i received thsnk you all


Just remember your not alone. No matter how dark you think it is, there’s a beacon of light shining from all of us!

I appreciate the app too and love your post!!! :slight_smile:

We’re excited to see you sober and grow in your new life…Here’s to new beginnings @Nylaysia :smile:

Wonderful post! So grateful for this app as well and all the support it provides. :slight_smile:

Glad you’re here! :slight_smile: