Thanksgiving relapse

Drank pretty heavily over the last week — on and around Thanksgiving. I just can’t moderate and then feel like, “well if I’m drinking for the holiday might as well go all out since I’ll be stopping again afterward.” Now my body doesn’t feel very good and my mood is off. I feel irritable and tired. I had stopped checking my timer and app, so I just reset it and wanted to post on here mostly to keep myself accountable somewhere. Going into the cold weather of winter, plus the draw of the holidays, makes me feel more inclined to drink. I have to remember how much better I feel when I don’t.


Wise to pop in here. Hanging around, reading stories, sharing what’s on your mind especially if the itch comes. Good to have ya back!

Have you got any other support to help you through the holidays?


Been there and done that. A lot. A whole lot. It feels great being off that merry go round. It’s not easy but so worth it. Try again. Get more support. I couldn’t do it alone.


Wise move checking back in. Stay this time, especially if you are looking for accountability.
Check-in daily in the daily checking in thread.
Get to know people.

See how sneaky alcohol is? Let’s acknowledge its power as we leave it behind us. “Well done, alcohol, and goodbye!” : )

Thank you all for your replies and support! Day 2 :blush: