Thankyou for helping me help myself

I’m so tired today,after fighting off my cravings for 3 days but it all came to a make it or break it descion last night,I’m happy to say I’m didn’t use but it was touch and go for abit if I’m honest,if I hadn’t of reach out tbh I don’t think I would of made it.i think sat here this morning what I would of felt like if I did the day before new year etc etc ,I went to the shop this morning to buy bread and milk,when I walked outside there was a girl I’ve used with picking up wet dog ends off the floor,I’ve been there I know how that feels ,I really felt sorry for her,but at the same time I thought ,thank god I’m not in that position but I’m only ever one bad descion away from it,what have I learnt for the past nightmare 3 days is to remember it’s just a thought when your cought up it it feels so much more,I’ve leant to teach out keep reaching out,I’ve learnt that this time is so different to all the other times I want it I need it or I will die.its that black and white for me .so thankyou t.s community for helping me help myself.xx​:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Hi Emma thankyou so much for opening up with honesty. Everything you say and feel I relate to . Some days can be tough but as u say we are only one bad decisions away from death. U r doing great my friend keep reaching out I love reading your journey x x


We are proud of you Emma!

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I knew you could make it. Write down what you have learnt. Remember this day. Because it won’t be the last time. But next time you will remember that you have beat it and can do it again.
Feelings are not facts.
And yes, reach out, don’t be ashamed, embarrassed, it’s what this community is here for