That friday feeling

Walking home from work, the bars are full of people laughing and joking. I am feeling a tad envious and miss it all and wish that was me sat there with a glass of wine. I know it’s the alcohol mind talking but I guess this is what they call a craving because I don’t physically crave it, it’s always mentally


Sounds like the bar is definitely a trigger to you. Is there any different way that you can walk home? I am 15 months sober and continue to have everyday triggers. This is normal. The best thing to do in my experience tho is to avoid any triggers the best you can, it does make it easier. Early in my recovery I would see people high and was jealous, then I got angry and now it just makes me sad to see people still suffering from active addiction. When I see someone high, it makes me grateful that I have sobriety and I am glad that I have made the choice to do whatever I have had to do to maintain sobriety. Staying sober is the hardest thing I have ever had to do but I am seeing the rewards of it and they definitely outweigh all the bs! Hang in there, you can do this. We r stronger than we realize

Thank you! There is a different rout I can take and I will look into that! I am having a pamper night tonight instead and when i wake up all fresh I can feel even more proud of my self. The alliterative would be a hangover and whatever else. I’m choosing life 8)

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Even though you do want the alcohol (because yes the first few sips are relaxing, hence it’s popularity) it’s likely to also be the freedom, happiness and leisure that you are missing.

There is no reason (other than mental triggers) that you can’t invite a friend to a restaurant, ice cream shop etc that has good food, a nice patio and order a treat like fresh squeezed juice. The sun will still shine on you. Your friend will still dish the latest news.

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Good point! I get it. Sometimes you get trapped in a one dimensional thought. It could very well be the social aspect I am missing.

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