That's another reset

Am fed up of this life!!!

Tomorrow is a new day. Start over and if it happens again, start over again, and again, and again. The one thing you can’t do is give up. You got this!

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Hey Stevie, do you know what it is mate? What’s going on that makes you drink?
Is it just boredom? I know you said something about that?

I’m riding on the same reset train brother. Keep buying tickets towards recovery and PLEASE don’t give up!

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Am honestly so fed up and down I dint k ow I can’t seem to stop my self from going it like just wish I could

Im also fed up of this life that im living the binge drinking is making my life hell !! Im the most depressed ive ever been I know I need to change !

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Are we going to AA?

It took me 2 years from when I admitted to myself that I am an alcoholic to actually being able to stop.
All that time I was trying to A, come to terms with it and B, justyfing a reason not to.
During that time I had many false starts, 3 weeks was the highest I got and that was right at the begining. After that it was a week here, few days there. I even tried telling myself that I could just drink socially, this would last for a week, or 2 then I get pissed about something and that would be that.
The day that started this run was just like any other day, except when I woke up on the kitchen floor. I thought, this has to stop.
I did the day and the next day found this app. I spent the weekend reading and reading and by the Tuesday, when I went back to work, I was fully committed to stopping. I’d built up a plan. I had other people’s advice to work with, to help me get through the shit bits.
It weren’t easy Stevie, seriously it wasn’t. For the first couple of weeks it was a constant mental battle to stop myself, but it got easier.
I accepted where I was and I had to do something about it.
Nothing was going to get in my way. I have pretty much been on here every day since. I go to AA.
I know I am never going to drink again and now, 9 months later I am happy with that.
It is hard mate, but you can do it…no really you can!


I honestly do not know what to do for the best I really don’t just want it to stop just wish I was stronger I wanna be better

Good morning Stevie…
Like @Geo, in the first several days I fought with myself. I would walk halfway to the store, tell myself “I’m not gonna do this” and turn around. Then a few steps toward home, turn to go back to the store, then toward home, then store, until home was the winner.
I probably looked insane.
Now, 5 months later, I rarely ever consider it. And if I do, I just consider the massive hangover I would have and the even massive-er disappointment I would feel.
Keep at it each day or each moment until you win those struggles with yourself.
Read read read. Here…there is soooo much. Sober memoirs, self help books, etc. It helps set your intentions and also gives hope and structure, because you need both.
I don’t attend meetings, but I know they can be life-saving for many, so try those if you haven’t, or try again if you have.


So take that thought and go with it mate.
Sounds daunting, sounds hard to you at the moment, but if you work on it one day at a time you will soon get the hang of it.
Don’t think about anything else. Just concentrate on not drinking today.
Make sobriety the main focus of your life. Don’t put anything in the way that could deter that goal.


What are you doing to be better? Have you tried meetings? Have you sought professional help? Do you exercise, pray/meditate, read about sobriety or listen to sobriety podcasts? Do you have an accountability partner?

I feel your frustration. The best antidote for frustration is action. Like walking up a hill, standing still leaves you vulnerable to backsliding. Lean forward and step. Drive. Dig. Build some forward momentum.

You want to be better. Now decide to be better, and then set about being better. This requires action.


Hey man listen it can and will happen, this time last year I was a total mess ( 23 years of drug and alcohol abuse) , everything was out of control and I was at my lowest…and like you I couldn’t stop…just thought of stopping it was horrific, I wanted to I knew my life was unravelling but I couldn’t do anything about it…and then on Nov 1st 2017 I had my last blackout …and that was enough for me , I nearly lost my job ,my manager made me take 2 weeks off work…and that’s where it started …I went to aa ,went and saw the doc and began my recovery…it wasnt easy I suffer from really bad anxiety and a panic disorder so not using or drinking really inflamed ,but aa taught me the one day at time rule and within 3 months I was off medication …and now 9 months later my life is so different…l( I still get flutters of panic but I can handle them )…you just gotta keep telling yourself no good comes from drinking or using…there is so much more out there and our rob us of that ,we just dont see it untill we shelve our old life …so chin up mate …u can do it…get some help seek some advice , apps like this are so wonderfull because it gives you a voice to Express yourself …big love


Sorry I meant Nov 1st 2018 lol

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Twins buddy.:grinning:

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Thanks guys am gonna try get into see a doctor just gonna take it at a day at a time but I need to sort my self out I really do


Did the same Thing except it was a pharmacy. Turned around then back to the pharmacy. Then I just stood there praying to not go. I still went there though but hopefully never again.

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That is the moment we have to tell our addict brain to “Shut up”.
You can do that.

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That sounds like a plan, and a decent plan executed now is better than a perfect plan executed too late.

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Dont give up , if you have AA or anything else nearby go there get the help from thoose who walked the path before you, you are never alone ,

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