The accomplishment/proud/bragging thread


Lol, a decade later and I remember how to put cloth prefolds on a care bear. Go me!


Hell yeah… hell my check was always spent before I even got the damn thing.


I’m the oldest of five kids. When I changed my siblings’ cloth diapers, it was back when the “diapers” we’re rectangular pieces of cotton and we held them together with two very large safety pins. The cloth diapers that all my friends use now are so completely different, so easy! But yours looks a little more complicated.


Oh, the bottom layer on the care bear is the rectangle after it is folded. I wouldnt have tried it if I had to have pins because I am afraid of poking my babies. The Snappies (3 pronged thing in the pic) was the only reason I ever gave it a shot when Colleen’s dad asked me to entertain the idea. What had me mystified this time was all the fucking snaps on the covers to make it a million different sizes along the way. I get that it helps with leaking, but damn. The ones I had with my next youngest kid just had Velcro. It worked but after a few washes I had to get all this fluff out of the Velcro with a toothpick and tweezers or it wouldn’t grab itself anymore. So I decided to give the snaps a shot this time.


Yes, the fear of poking babies with huge safety pins is real. Just ask the 12-yr-old girl inside my memories.


It sounds really complicated. I think all my friends have the Velcro kind, but I’ve never heard them complain about having to get lint off of them. But it’s cool of you to go with the cloth - does it save money?


When I did the math before I was diapering for the cost of soap (I made my own, so that was very cheap as well) and water after 5 months. If I had known I was going to have this baby a decade later it would be nothing but the cost of soap, water, and new snappies, which are about a dollar each and are officially good for 6 months. Unofficially, they were good forever until you lose one. You don’t lose them though, since they are constantly on your diapered kid. I did not save the diapers though. I hung on to them for a few years and then gave them to a friend.


And, one must keep the cost of the diapers in mind. I think all in one cloth diapers are kinda stupid and expensive. They take forever to dry, so it costs more on that note if you use a dryer. That is why I take the prefolds route.


I got asked to go speak at a rehab for the first time. I remember how important those speakers were to me when I was there. Grateful I can give back what was so freely given to me.


Those speakers stuck with me too while in rehab. Congrats and give em hell!


I’m going to a meeting at my old rehab place tomorrow…they asked me to tell my story there too, yikes I’m nervous :wink:


Brag for the day, made it to 45 days. Halfway to my 90 day mark. This is about as long as my last stint of sobriety was. Stoked!


Way to go bro.
Hella proud of you.


Yeah! Keep it up!


Today’s proud accomplishment.
I have a decent ranking in my state for the gccusa


I saved a turtle today



30 miles down. Didn’t vomit.


Nice work man…this happens to be the 100,000th post I’ve read so maybe its a sign that I should join the strava craze :slight_smile:


We have fun with it. The one I just posted is the one @Twowaymirror and I are doing for charity. Plus I was excited to have new tires.