The accomplishment/proud/bragging thread


Got to a meeting today! Loved it. Found a home group.


Proud member of the Village Group and Young at Heart. Yes I have two AA home groups.


Almost 2 months clean, down 15lbs and just got a $4000 raise at work! Feeling better by the day. Moving forward and not looking back!! :+1:t3::muscle:t3::slight_smile:


Omg, that’s a killer combo.


Speakers in and reasonably clean.

It’s upside down but a new low, 234. Boom.


I hit a week with NO smoking cigarettes :slight_smile:


I exercised today…with a migraine.

/feels virtuous

… And knackered


That’s dedication!


I finally did my dishes while not waiting for the baby to sleep. He fought his bindings to the end and then just as I let the water out he slept. This wrap I made myself. Couldn’t find fabric on sale so I sucked up the expense of $12 and some change. When you buy them they cost at least $50 or more depending on the designs and whatnot. I knew we would figure out how to be tied together comfortably.


Can I call it a papoose?


Homemade Moby for the win!!
I made mine too.
It was pink


I freaking love you…


In a non-freaky way though…


I was just about to notify the mods that there was a creeper amongst us…


It is a wrap. There are oodles of styles. I had shunned this one with Colleen because they just looked too hard to tie. I had a $60 ring sling with her that I loved but didnt keep. It was already discounted at that price and I just couldn’t justify the expense this time so I got brave with the “Mobey” wrap. I think a papoose is tied to the back…


Mobey it is! I had a kid leash growing up.


I went with gray in the event that I ever make another baby or use it with my grand kids or something. Make it match me and not the baby.


Yay!!! Did you keep the happy turtle?


You can love me any way you like. :heart_eyes: I may have to ask @MewilHoward if I can diversify who I shamelessly flirt with on here if he is going to spend so much time away.


Oh yea I got my pink on sale so that helped. Lol